The anger I feel; Blog 21

I think the novel is very unique and the writing style is brilliant for the story and the point of view it is told from. The way Mark Twain writes in the dialect of Huck Finn was an interesting touch. The misspelled words and unique form of sentences brings the story to life. I’ve never really thought about how the story might be before, I just kind of thought it was some prestigious book. Because of how long ago it was written, I was expecting it to be more boring than it actually is. It is, however, just as racist as I was expecting it to be, because offensive language is very present all throughout the book. It’s way different than I thought it would be writing wise. Although the actual plot of the book wasn’t a surprise. I love the voice of Huck Finn.  I hate Pap Finn, and the new judge for allowing Pap Finn to remain the legal guardian of Huck Finn. I want to learn more about Pap Finn’s childhood. I’m curious to know who made him such a horrible person. Perhaps it was his father and that is why he is so hard on Huck I really like the character of Huck Finn, his thoughts are unfiltered and its really interesting to see. Of course the use of offensive language makes me very uncomfortable.I guess this helps with the presentation maybe. The contents of the book is raw and should make you uncomfortable so perhaps it brings a new dimension of bringing realization to the readers. I realize at the time the book was published a certain word grouping certain people together was common, although now it’s demeaning and very offensive. I like the book and how it’s revealing the realities of this time and how it’s raw uncensored content is showing the hardship of the lives in the book. It is a little better than I expected.  The book itself is very interesting, and I am  especially the dynamic between the different characters and what the characters represent or what they are satirizing. 


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