Jumping frogs! Blog 20

When we were first assigned the story to read, I was very intrigued by the title. It didn’t seem like something that would fit into the satire unit. Or course I was very wrong. I was expecting a cute little story, maybe something hopeful and a story you would read to a child. I enjoyed the way there was another story within the story and it was told from someone other than the narrator. Also, the change in writing from the narrator to Simon Wheeler. The narrator was very formal and particular with his words, while Simon Wheeler seemed uneducated. The humor was very obvious, but so obvious that I almost missed it at first. The point of the story was to show that even if you do not have formal education, you can still be smart. And now on to independent reading. I liked that we had to created a book trailer for our independent reading book. At first I was annoyed by it. I had no idea how to make a book trailer, or any kind of trailer. It also didn’t help that the book I chose was fantasy based and I got into thinking about how I was going to do this. First I tried to make it very complicated and make it animated, but then I realized I just had to find the essence of the book and show it. It really made me focus on each event that took place in the story and how it pertained to the plot and each characters role in the formation of the book. I wasn’t really thinking about what kind of book I wanted, but because I knew I had to find a book that was interesting and not so traditional and cliche in its presentation and follow through.The first chapter was way shorter than I thought it would be and I also enjoyed the pictures. I understand the character of Huck Finn. He pours his thoughts out, he doesn’t seem so complicated as some people. The writing it raw and not trying to show off. It’s a perfect style for the story to be conveyed through. I think this story will be a tragedy.

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