Satire; Blog 20

I come from a humorous family. My dad is very sarcastic and my family watches shows with satire, and dark humor. I think everything is funny. I really enjoy puns and witty jokes. Weird things always make me laugh. I can not really put my humor into one category, I fall into all of them. If something has a chance of being funny, I will probably laugh. An example of my sometimes unsophisticated and easily amused humor would be this clip:

Mark Twain was a realist and revealed the truths about the 19th century through his writing. He used satire in his writing to convey these truths. Mark Twain was a  I have heard of Mark Twain, although I have never officially studied him before. I know he is a famous writer and that he is well known for his realism style of writing. His writing showed the the truth behind life and the cruel realities that were avoided. Mark Twain was a major American writer from Missouri. His stories and novels are famous for their humor, vivid details, and memorable characters. His best-known works are The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, both classics in American literature.





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