Vertigo; Blog 19

The movie is different, and it’s keeping my interest. I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what the twist ending could be, and now I’m so intrigued that I can’t wait to finish it. I like the relationship between John and Midge. Midge is probably my favorite character because she just does her own thing and she is funny.I don’t mind John’s character but there seems to be something off with him. Madeline, I haven’t figured out if she’s actually possessed, crazy, or making the whole thing up. Now the relationship between Madeline and John makes me uncomfortable. One, she’s like half his age. Two, she’s married, And three, they barely know each other. He’s just some random guy who saved her, and she’s his best friends wife. What is their relationship based on? Because as far as I can see, they’re strangers. Also, how has she not noticed he’s been following her for days? He’s in the same car, he follows close behind her, and many times they’re the only two on the road. I really like the idea of her being possessed by a dead relative though, it’s interesting. Also the similarities between them is a cool touch. I also liked the painting Midge made, even though John didn’t find the humor in it. I’m not really sure what the end will be, but the whole possession thing might be a lie and she could’ve just made up the entire thing to get away for her husband because she hates him. Or the husband could be drugging her, because he wants to mess with her so he can take the family fortune. Or perhaps John could have actually fallen off the roof, and he made up this entire scenario in a comatose state. I really like the movie so far and I can’t wait to finish it. I think, for the most part, it’s perfect.

Blade of Grass; Blog 18

I love the symbol Walt Whitman uses for society. I have never thought of society, and individual people as in depth as Whitman. Transcendentalism really shows in his work and takes each ideal to heart. It’s honestly beautiful. I also really appreciate the humor he incorporates in Section 52. It’s amazing to read someone’s soul. Many times when we write, we try to sound perfect, we try to sound like someone else. Whitman on the other hand, openly confesses to contradicting himself. He wasn’t trying to incorporate confusing language, and lengthy lines. He was simply telling his thoughts. His path to transcendentalism, and I find it beautiful.┬áSection 52 was perhaps my favorite section. Possibly because he invited humor into his writing, but also because it’s real. He is saying that he has given his writing to the world. And as he returns to the earth, his writing will remain. He is dying, he has spent years of his life, dedicating himself to this poem, and this section perfectly captures his hope and ideals.┬áThe questions he is asking. Everyone has asked these questions. You can see this every day. Everyone is asking questions about who they are and what they’re doing. You yourself has asked these questions. Maybe you are still asking these questions. Maybe you have even found the answers. I know teenagers and young adults are trying to find the answers to these perpetual questions that weigh on each individual and society as a whole. Also the practice of talking instead of doing. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what should happen or what you should do, but when it comes down to it, they do not take their own advice. Asking questions instead of trying to find the answers. it’s much easier to ask someone else, or find someone else’s answers and opinion instead of forming your own. Especially with the entire world at our fingertips, laziness has skyrocketed. And also the practice of following instead of leading. Of course it’s easier to follow a path than make your own. Honestly, I do not really have any questions or concerns, and I’ve expressed all my thoughts already. I think we talked in depth about the poem, and for the most part I understand it. Or maybe I don’t understand it at all and this confusion runs so deep I can’t formulate a questions. Anyway, I wouldn’t rate this poem. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and to “rate” it would diminish the integrity or it. Although, the poem was stunning.