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In history class, we are currently learning about the Great Depression, and the incompetence of Hoover.  So at this time, Hoover enforced a hands off type government, as in he didn’t develop a strong government, which aided the suffering of the people.Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point. Without the governments help, the people struggled and until FDR came in and introduced the New Deal, which provided government help for the people. I think a strong government is helpful, of course, maybe a government smothering all aspects of life could be detrimental to each individual. A government should provide help and structure as a whole, which extends to the individual. In the world, there have been so many different types of governments ranging between dictatorships to anarchy. So what works best? There is no answer. Each individual has different needs and different opinions. Some feel one person being in charge such as a monarchy, someone who they associate with god, is the right way to go. They feel safe with one mind controlling what happens. Others want a more open government, a type of government where everyone has equal political power, such as an isocracy. Some want no government at all, they want anarchy, everyone meets their own needs and demands and there are no laws in which to live by. There are some that fall onto medium grounds, like a democracy, where everyone votes for one person to be in charge. Personally, I think everyone should be equal, we should all share and work together with the belief that everyone and everything matters. Not really communism, or socialism, but maybe democratic socialism. A protest that breaks laws, but is structured and organized as to not harm any individual or system is very effective. Peacefully demonstrating your beliefs and or voicing your beliefs, though doing it in such a fashion that it draws attention yet doesn’t harm anyone. This is the type of protest that has created movements throughout history. Today you can find protests and rallies all over the place. Although when rules are being broken, such as civil disobedience, it can effectively bring a debate or belief forward. If one is willing to break rules yet be civil enough to not harm anything in the name of their belief, a sort of moral standing is developed, one that gains respect of others and possibly convinces them to have a similar mindset as yourself. Sometimes you must break a few rules to get your point across, but you do not have to fall into anarchy.


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