Forget society, be one with Nature- Blog 16

Thoreau’s writing style is a stark contrast to Emerson’s writing. The topic’s they write about are in the realm of Transcendentalism, although they bring these ideas into their writing through different methods. Emerson and Thoreau both think of Nature as ultimate and a place where everything is equal and simple. They also both think the writer of your story is you. They one who determines our lives is ourselves, and we must count on ourselves and no one else to achieve absolute. The first half of the excerpt is simplicity. Live life using only the bare essentials and cut out all other unnecessary things that clutter true happiness. The second half of the excerpt, or the conclusion, is about Thoreau drawing conclusions from what he did in the woods and how he lived, to what he learned. I think a major benefit of living in the woods is truly appreciating what the world has to offer and not taking little things for granted. You could find use in the smallest things that you once overlooked. You could get back to nature and connect with the earth in ways you never did before. You would learn to cherish the earth and nature and the animals and the land. I would miss my family and my friends and especially my dog. I would also miss indoor bathrooms, running water, funny cat videos and the ease of modern life.¬† Honestly, you never know what kind of person you are, or what you would do in a specific situation until you’re faced with it. I could say I’d be able to leave behind society to live in the woods for two years, maybe¬† for the reason of evading taxes… but until I am faced with the decision to throw society to the wind, I can’t really say. I would like to think I could. Nature is beautiful and I’ve always loved the woods, although, it could prove too difficult for me to sustain living in the woods, but it does sound very appealing. Hopefully someone today would read a transcendentalist work and realize that we, human kind, are not above anything else in this world. We are one, we are Nature, and we should see the beauty in it, and see it as our equal. And also, be able to recognize that we should rely on ourselves, not other people to find our way.



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