Hindsight is 20/20; Blog 13


Everyone has argued about something at least once in their lives. We all have our own opinions about issues and things, and when we face someone who has a different view on that issue, an argument may emerge. Sometimes arguments can have positive effects, such as both party’s learning and understanding more about that issue, and possibly even rethinking their beliefs for the better. Other times though, which is almost everytime, neither party’s learn everything, and their argument was just verbal attacks against the person and their opinions, nothing of which is supported by facts.¬†Arguments can range from something like the existence of Narwhals to a more controversial topic like if Donald Trump is actually a Cheeto in disguise. Yeah, that toupee is really fooling us. People sometimes have facts, but very little, and they are usually from unreliable sources such as Facebook and or Instagram. This is true not only for teens, but for adults as well. I think as a society we’ve come to just agree with whatever is said instead of doing research to see if it’s actually true. Everyone debates in pretty much the same way. We slip under the other persons bed, wait until they fall asleep, then once they have drifted off, at about three in the morning, we scream at the top of our lungs, “Your argument is invalid”. They panic and wake up terrified, although by this time we have already climbed out the window. We repeat this process every single night until, finally, their spirit has been broken, and they succumb to reality that you are correct. Or is that just me? Anyway, I think the best debate in class was probably Liz and McGarry, because it was interesting and the both people had strong arguments that were stated clearly. I would like to think the way I argue will be improved and informed, but in all honesty, it’s probably not going to change at all. I will still keep the same way I argue. At first, writing the debate was hard, and i stood in my own way, trying to figure out what to write, but after I took some time to really think about my argument, It was much easier to build a persuasive argument.

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