To Be A Better Person; Blog 9


So the first virtue on the list was cleanliness. With copious amounts of access to showers, and hygiene products, there was no problem staying clean. The next virtue was empathy. I have never had a problem with empathy, and can easily understand what others are going through, and why they do what they do, usually. I had no struggle with this virtue. Frugality, what can I say? I have no money to spend randomly, so I had no problem with this virtue. The next was sincerity. I didn’t face any problem with being truthful. Just in case you were thinking i’m a horrible person. With this virtue, I had trouble because of my strong sense of sarcasm. I can’t remember any specifics, but I am 100% sure there were a few sarcastic remarks throughout the past five days. Temperance wasn’t hard, since I can’t drink alcohol, and also I was pretty busy the past five weeks so I had no time to binge watch Netflix, eating whatever I wanted. Moderation showed me no problems the past five days, I don’t really act out or go to extremes. Justice was not hard either. I wouldn’t harm anyone or anything unless in danger, or trying to protect another person. Silence was hard because I have meaningless conversations with everyone, about everything. I can’t help it, if I think of something, I strike up a conversation. Unless i’m in Spanish class, I maybe utter 10 words the entire class. Humility, of what I can remember didn’t pose any problems these few days, of course I am not perfect, but I don’t gloat or speak really highly of myself usually. Socialization wasn’t too hard, only because I actively tried to be more social. Though on Saturday I wasn’t too social later in the day. I’m not very organized, so Order was a bit of  an issue, but for the most part it was alright. I only faced hardship with Resolution on Wednesday, but I kept my word, and did everything I was supposed to the rest of the five days. My biggest struggle was with Industry, surprise, surprise. I procrastinate, a lot. I procrastinate on waking up. I procrastinate on doing everyday things. I procrastinate on homework, and I procrastinate on anything else that I have to do. I don’t know why, even If I know it will have detrimental effects, I still procrastinate. I stress about everything, so Tranquility was killing me. I worry about worrying too much, that’s how much I worry. And because I worry about everything, I over analyze every situation, picking apart every possible thing that could go wrong. Nuclear war starting when I wake up? Check. People I love dying? Check. Sun exploding killing everyone on earth, and the entire solar system? Check. This habit of over analyzing led me to have a couple dots for Adaptation.Though there wasn’t much that was changing these past five days. Over the past five days, I wasn’t a perfect person, of course. I have flaws, like everyone. At least i’m not a serial killer. Or Adolf Hitler, or Donald Trump, they’re the same person right? You see? There’s that sarcasm again.

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