Happiness is for the weak; blog 8

At first I found it very confusing, the amount of allusion and metaphors packed into each stanza proved difficult to grasp. After reading it 23 times, I still do not fully understand the true theme of the poem, but I do know it is quite deep. When you first read it, you will not understand it. There is no doubt in my mind- you can not read it once and understand it. In the first stanza, is the road the speaker is describing literal or metaphorical? If it’s literal, then I believe the speaker is walking through the desert at night during a thunder storm, If I were to take the imagery literally. Although, if the imagery is metaphorical, then the “road” could be a metaphor for the road of life, the path everyone takes. And the speaker is contemplating life, and how desolate and lonely it is. Or it could be that the speaker is going through an existential crisis, or reflecting on his perspective of life. Honestly, I am not one hundred percent sure what exactly the poem is about, but I think I have a general idea. As I have said before, the poem has a deep meaning. The speaker is saying how people live their lives without truly being happy, but do not do anything about it. He talks about society and tells how we are but a cog, we are just a small part of society. And goes on, implying that the only way we can change this is if we ourselves break out of it.  Smile, a simple solution is to smile. But that is not it, a smile can only run skin deep, and there can be no real emotions behind it. So the speaker has no hope because of this revelation, and says how we are just playing a part in a story, and that we don’t notice, that we are not aware. Then the speaker says there is no audience, which I interpreted as we are alone. There is no one to lead us, there is nothing we can do, we must carry on. I used the multiple allusions in the poem to form my thoughts on the poem. One poem that is very important is “Thoreau’s quiet desperation”, which says that most people go through life unhappy, which resonates with how I interpreted the poem. Also the allusion “dynamo of night”, which is alludes to how we are conformed into society which also helped me to come to a decision on what I thought the poem was about. To be honest, I feel like this poem is like a sophisticated version of a teen angst poem.

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