Blog 7; Poetry :P

 I’ve randomly been writing poetry on and off for a few years now. I love writing poetry. The complexity of it adds to it’s beauty. It’s different than writing a short story because in poetry, it’s about how it flows, and it’s more, to me, about presenting a theme, and not exactly like a story. I always write in free verse, it’s comfortable and easy to apply to every topic. Coming up with the theme and how to convey it is not the problem, putting it into specific rhythm and rhyme schemes is what I have trouble with.  When writing my first poem, it took me about five minutes to write out a ruff draft. I then spent about 2 days revising it, trying to add more detail and add a stanza that followed a specific rhyme scheme. When I wrote my second poem, it took me quite a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to write about in the poem. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep the same theme. At first I did but then i realized the theme to my original poem was not very developed, and it was more of a general theme, and I wanted to make it more complex.  After I found my new theme, the poem just flowed. I enjoy both writing poetry and reading poetry. Reading poetry actually gives me inspiration for writing poetry, and helps me explore other ways of writing, and ways of presenting a theme using metaphors. I used similar presentation for my first poem as the poem that I read that I liked, called Tricks. So this sentence is just a random one I threw in, without this sentence my blog still reaches the minimum word requirement, I was just curious if you actually read this far. When reading poetry, I usually prefer to read poems that do not utilize any specific stanza form, because when a poem has rhyming words throughout the entire poem, it kind of sounds childish and I don’t really take it seriously. Sometimes it do like when a few lines-not the entire poem-have rhyming words in it. Though I would much rather read poems in free verse because it gives the poem a unique quality, and it creates its own atmosphere and tone.  In free verse, a poet creates a story purely from their own mind, no rules, no specific form, just your thoughts and emotions. It has a life of it’s own, and it’s beautiful. I love reading poetry. I love writing poetry. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and my experience with it has been long, and sometimes rocky, but I love it, always have and always will.

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