The Innocents

Quick Summary;

Charlie, an outgoing, no-one-will-stand-in-my-way kind of girl. Alice, a laid-back, private girl. Charlie and Alice are sisters, just one year apart. When their parents split, Charlie and Alice are uprooted to their mothers new husbands home in Connecticut. After finding themselves in an upscale town, in a fancy estate, Alice and Charlie get caught in a whirlwind of events that uncovers family secrets. This story takes place in a town called Serenity Point. This book centers around teenage girls in a rich town, with a rich stepfather and flaky mother. Alice and Charlie’s father abandoned them and their mother. Suddenly, the girls along with their mother are whisked away to start a life with the other 1% of the population.Many things  about Alice and Charlie’s life is veiled in secrets and lies, but when they get to Serenity Point, those truths become uncovered.

More in depth summary;

Close. That’s how Alice and Charlie would describe their relationship, but once they move in with their new stepfather, they begin to drift further and further apart. Richard is Alice and Charlie’s new stepfather. He had a daughter named Camilla, who tragically died a year earlier. Alice finds herself falling for Tommy, Camilla’s ex boyfriend. Charlie goes after Jude, a guy who is a cliche, he’s the bad boy type. Their mother comes across as self-absorbed and fake throughout the story. Alice looks eerily similar to Richards deceased daughter, and finds many other clues that lead her to uncover a secret kept by Richard and her mother. All the signs and clues Alice comes up with makes Charlie think Alice is paranoid, which results in them drifting apart, along with the fact that Charlie is flaky. Tommy is an okay character, but he seemed empty, although he was given a backstory. Jude is mean to both Alice and Charlie, and i’m not sure why Charlie would be drawn to him, except that she might see his alcohol addiction, and rude demeanor attractive.  Richard was definitely hiding something. He took down every picture he had of his dead daughter, and he was very touchy about certain things.

My thoughts;                                                                                                                                                                *warning: spoiler alert

Honestly, I found the book slightly predictable. It was less, huge-crazy-plot-twist, actually, it hinted heavily on what was to come. There was very little action in the book, though it was very dramatic, and full of romance. It was disappointing that the only major twist in the book was Alice being Richards kid. Also, the way Charlie abandoned her sister for her terrible friends made me mad. She brushed off Alice’s thoughts as paranoia and didn’t believe her.  I didn’t quite understand the point-of-view. At first, the chapters went back and forth between both sisters, but then it focused more on Alice. I guess it’s understandable since Alice is the character who unveils the major conflict. I liked Alice the most, all the other characters were either too far out their, flat, or shady. I actually kind of like Camilla, Richards dead daughter, but she was dead, so uh, that wasn’t going anywhere. I thought Charlie was hard to relate to, to me her personality was hard to connect with, along with the fact that she made so many stupid choices throughout the book. The book was kind of suspenseful, and I still have questions yet to be answered. I wasn’t really as emotionally involved with the book as This book is a part of a series so it makes sense that it leaves off on a bit of a cliffhanger.  The whole book just seemed more like a set up to begin a series, rather than having an actual plot. This type of book is just not exactly what I like. I did enjoy the writing style a bit, and the plot was interesting, and I liked that it involved more than just a mystery, it also had lots of romance. For the most part, it was pretty fun to read.

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