Quick summary/ background information;

This is the illegitimate fourth book in the Divergent series, though that is not why it is called Four. It’s a prequel to the Divergent trilogy. This book is from the point of view of Four, also known as Tobias Eaton. This book contains different short stories written from Tobias’s point of view. In the original divergent series, people were separated by faction. There were five factions; Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity, and Dauntless. The Abnegation faction is selfless. Candor is all about honesty. Erudite focuses on knowledge. Amity is peaceful, and work with the land. And finally, Dauntless is fearless, and the other factions find their bravery stupid, and obnoxious. Tobias Eaton was originally from the Abnegation faction. He lived with his mother and father until his mother ‘died’. In fact, she actually ran away because she was divergent and because her husband was abusive, which is dangerous. A divergent is someone who doesn’t fit into any faction, in fact they fit into all factions. Mrs. Eaton became a factionless, someone who failed at initiation in a faction, someone who does not fit into any faction at all, or someone who did not want to be in a faction. Tobias is also divergent, he is aware of when he is in a simulation, and obtains qualities from each faction. There is a conspiracy within the factions, leaders do not want anyone to be divergent. Once many people reveal to be divergent, the factions will disperse, and the people will be reunites with the rest of the world. Outside of their city boundaries is whats known as the fringe, people who live there are not complete, only divergents are complete, or whole as some would say.


More in depth summary;

The first story starts with Tobias taking his aptitude test to decide which faction he belongs in, although his abusive father told his what to do in the test to receive abnegation as a result. On the Choosing Day, against his fathers wished, Tobias chooses Dauntless and leaves the Abnegation faction, along with his father. It is discovered that Tobias only has four fears, which is extremely low, and is given the nickname Four. The second story follow Tobias as he goes through Initiate training to become Dauntless. He leaves behind what he was taught in the Abnegation faction and just let go. He goes through more training but has to be careful in what his decisions are during the tests in order to not be discovered as a ‘divergent’. His mentor is found dead a week later, and Tobias expects foul play because Amar is a divergent. In the third story, Tobias is offered to become a leader inĀ  the Dauntless faction. He also discovers the leader of the Erudite faction is up to no good. He then hears from his thought to be dead mother, and meets with her, in an encounter in which she solidifies his suspicions of the Erudite leader. The fourth story takes place a couple years after the first story when Tobias is an initiate instructor, at this point he has already meet Tris. He’s been in contact with his mother while also closely watching the leader of the Erudite faction. He bonds more with Tris and protects her when he finds out she is a divergent. He confides in her when he has no one else to turn too. The final stories are parts from the original series, but in Tobias’s point of view of when and how he became close with Tris.

My thoughts;

I absolutely loved the Divergent series. I became emotionally involved with the characters. The original story follows Tris, who eventually finds herself in the Dauntless faction where she meets Tobias, her love interest. After reading the previous 3 book, I really like Tobias, he was strong, fearless, protective, and courageous. He had a painful past, but it just added to his character, and shaped his personality. Reading stories from his point of view is refreshing and makes me feel closer to the character. I loved this book.

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