Blog 5; My story

“Please, this is everything, I swear”. I chose this six word story because it’s very flexible, and i can use it it many different ways. A girl named Vesdace, who lives in Isnaden, on the planet Ayvin, has the ability to control light and emotion. Its not uncommon for people to be born with powers, and usually they live a

normal life. The corrupt Isnaden government started a war with a neighboring country, and decided that the only way to win the war was to take Vesdace’s power to fuel a machine. They chose Vesdace because she was extremely powerful, and they figured they should take her powers to; remove a threat, her family was known to have connections with rebel forces, so it was possible she would one day lead a rebellion, and also win a losing war. Vesdace is taken to the government headquarters, where she meets Srg. Javen. He seemed like a bad man, fulfilling such a horrible request to win a war. The story continues, following Vesdace and her struggle to break free from the governments prison. When I first read the line, “Please, this is everything, I swear”, I immediately thought of government officials searching someones house, and from here I formed a reason why they would be searching a house, and the circumstances around that person. At first the story was going to take place on earth, and Vesdace was going to be the only person to have powers. I completely changed the end of the story multiple times, and added more conflicts. I was going to end the story by having Vesdace win, and everything is good, and somehow this loss ruins the government. Then I was going to have Vesdace lose, but I realized I didn’t want her to lose. The end then was going to be the machine failing, and Vesdace’s power returns. I finally decided that someone from the government would destroy the machine and the government HQ. I also added the element of a corrupt government, and from there I formed a rebel group that Vesdace joins. When I first started writing this story I already knew Vesdace was going to have a warrior personality. I added Srg, Javen when I had to develop an antagonist character. When I originally formed the character, he was going to be ruthless, and horrible, but after finishing that section, I decided I wanted to make him conflicted. I changed his personality, making him sympathetic and giving him a painful background. Anyone can create a character who has no inhibitions, but it’s harder to give the bad guy a conscious and have him be misunderstood and self conflicted.



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