Ocean Tides; Blog 4

on Saturday the 30th, I went to my Grandparents farm. At their farm they have 3 barns, one for storage, one for cows, and one for hay. Many wild cats live in the hay barn, and recently a cat gave birth to 8 kittens. My dad, my grandfather, and I went to greet two new cows that arrived a few days earlier. I always go into the hay barn to see the cats. My grandfather went in and I went in behind him, he picked something up off the ground and turned around to face me. In his hands was a small gray kitten, which he handed to me. She was very tiny and didn’t move much, my dad said that she was probably sick. I held her close to me and she opened her eyes a bit, she had beautiful stormy blue eyes, so i named her ocean. We walked back to my grandparents farm, and I sat outside in the newly attached sun room outside the house. I thought that maybe the kitten seemed sickly because she hadn’t eaten, she was really small so it would make sense if the other cats ate all the food before she had a chance to eat. I held her in my arms with a tear dropper filled with warm milk in my hand and tried to feed her. She shied away from the milk, not wanting to drink. ‘Maybe shes just tired..’ I thought. I sat there with her for awhile, petting her soft fur. I laid her on a pillow in the sunlight, so she’d be warm, and went inside for a little bit. I came back out to see if she would eat, but she wouldn’t. I sat there with her, her breath labored, movements slow and eyes weary. I watched her for awhile while we sat in the sun, her small blue eyes drooping. I thought that maybe going back to the warm barn would be good for her. I wrapped her in a blue little blanket and walked slowly to the barn, holding her in my hands like she was something so precious. She laid her head on me, feeling my warmth, closing her eyes. When we got back to the barn, I laid her on a stack of hay, she let out a small meow and closed her eyes again. I pet her gently and walked back to the house. A few hours later I came back to the barn, she was still in the same position she was when I left her. I stood there heartbroken, the small kitten I tried to save was gone. She passed away in her sleep, peacefully. Me and my dad buried her in a stone wall and marked her grave by writing “Ocean” on a rock. I’m not really sure what life lesson I learned from this. I could say something really depressing like, no matter how hard you try, you can’t save everything. Or you can take away a lighter life lesson, even if you can’t save someone, you can make their last moments better. She died loved, and I guess that’s all you can hope for in life.


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