The Princess Bride

“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die”. If you have no idea what this is from, your life is about to change. The theme of the Princess Bride is true love conquers all. The story takes place in the kingdom of Florin, where a girl named Buttercup falls in love with a farm-hand named Westley. Their love is tested by Prince Humperdinck, a man who wants to marry Buttercup so he can kill her and blame it on a neighboring country that he wants to go to war with. Westley, the farm-hand, wanted to marry Buttercup, so he set out to sea to earn a fortune. While sailing, Westley’s boat was captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts, who was not the original Dread Pirate Roberts. Upon hearing this news, Buttercup feared the worst. After this, Prince Humperdinck asked for Buttercup’s hand in marriage. She told him that she does not love him, and that her heart belongs to Westley, but she agreed to marry him. Years later Westley comes back as the Dread Pirate Roberts, you see, when his boat was captured, the Pirate offered Westley the title of Dread Pirate Roberts, so he could retire. Taking him up on his offer, Westley learned how to be the Pirate. Once Westley returned, he found that 3 men kidnapped Buttercup upon Humperdinck’s request. Westley throughout the movie, along with 2 of the kidnappers he befriended, tries to save Buttercup from the Prince.

A kingdom is the perfect setting for true love, just watch any Disney Princess movie, at least one character talks about Princes and marriage. Many people think of a happy love story between a Prince and Princess when they think of true love, so inevitably they think of a kingdom. The setting challenges the characters both physically and mentally throughout the story, making the bond between Buttercup and Westley stronger. Westley is a strong, loyal, sarcastic man who would die for Buttercup. He is helped on his journey by Inigo Montoya, who was initially an antagonist when we were first introduced to him, but later he helped Westley save Buttercup. When Inigo was young, he watched his father get killed by a man with 6 fingers on his right hand. Inigo swore he would avenge his father, so he became a highly skilled, ambidextrous, swordsman. He is strong and saves Westley from being “mostly dead”. The movie’s mood was humorous and suspenseful, which added immensely to the story.

The love between Buttercup and Westley was so strong, Westley risked his life to save her. All he wanted was to earn money so he could wed his true love. Throughout the story, love had a major role in what the characters did, and in the end, true love won.


I still have to do this

I always forget that a plot diagram is not really a perfect dome, it’s like an awkward mountain. This isn’t what my blog is going to be about, but it was just something interesting that I was reminded of. Milieu, the specific feeling of a specific people at a specific time. The setting is usually a very critical element in a story, and milieu helps further the setting.

A book I read years ago was called the book thief, it was about a preteen girl who was taken in by her foster parents during the holocaust in Germany. Her foster family takes in a Jewish man named Max, and the entire story is told by death. In the book, society, and mainly the Nazi party, felt hatred towards Jewish people, as everyone knows. Also, books were banned and burned. The main character, Liesel, was fascinated by books, and bonded with Max through the love of words. Milieu is very influential throughout the story. When I read the book for the first time, when i was much younger, I didn’t fully know the feelings society, in Germany and many other countries, was experiencing.

Liesel stole books from book burnings, and even the wife of the mayor. I couldn’t understand why reading was such a taboo under the Nazi regime. She was essentially going against the government, but I never really thought about it like that until we had milieu in our notes. Consciously I didn’t connect the feelings of people at that time to what Liesel was doing, between stealing books, and befriending Max, Liesel was accidentally rebelling against those in power at that time. Thinking back to when I read that book, and knowing now how milieu can shape a story, I see Liesel as more mature and defiant character.

Week 2 was much better than week 1. The first few days I was a nervous wreck, but by week 2 I got back into the swing of things. I enjoy all my classes, and now that we’ve gotten past all the intros in each class, which by the way are mind numbing, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. But I still hate Mondays.