I had to write this

My first week of Junior year went well. I was absolutely terrified for school this year. My nerves just kept building and I got into my own head, telling myself this year was not going to be good. In reality I enjoyed school, all my classes are challenging but interesting, honestly I had nothing to worry about. I made some new friends, but besides that nothing really happened. The first week was uneventful, and maybe at some points it was even boring. Then again the dress code has changed a bit, so ripped jeans and short shorts are allowed. I was surprised that school was fun, even though I have always liked school.

Something that I learned about my classmates is that a lot of them like the TV show Bones.

Last year I read a book called ‘The Weight of Feathers’. The story was like a suicide free Romeo and Juliet except there was no love at first sight, it was actually realistic. The book follows Lace Paloma and Cluck(nickname) Corbeau, they are from rivaling families, who are traveling performers. Lace is kicked out of her family for accidentally befriending Cluck, so she leaves and falls into the residence of the Corbeau family. Being skilled in makeup design, they hire her, unaware she is a Paloma. As the story unfolds, Lace and Cluck begin to see that the feud between their families are pointless. I love the inclusion of Spanish, and French in the story, and the development of characters, and the plot twists.

Also I watched this amazing episode of Supernatural called Yellow Fever. It was about a ghost fever that makes people afraid of everything until they die from fear. One of the main characters was affected and he almost died. In the one scene he was afraid of a cat that jumped at him. I only added this part so I could include a funny cat picture, and I wanted it to relate to what I was saying somehow.