Season of the Witch

Title: Season of the Witch     Author: Natasha Mostert     Genre: Fiction, Horror, Suspense     Date Published: January 1998

When reading this book, the beginning was slow to pull me in, but once I was, it was hard to put it down. The writing was captivating and the characters were well developed, and the plot was bold, different and innovative.

The story follows Gabriel Blackstone, a man who is a hacker, has a special ability and who has been involved in some pretty heavy things. When his old girlfriend, now married to another man, asks Gabriel to find her stepson, he is pulled into the world of two beautiful sisters who are hiding secrets of alchemy and memories. Throughout the story, secrets grow into a twisted thicket of confusion and deception, hurting all those that happened to be tangled within it.

The characters were given thorough backgrounds and were very well rounded. There were no plot holes, and the story line kept progressing  and never failed to interest. The books writing was advanced and not repetitive.

This book is unlike any others that I have ever read, therefore I cannot compare it to others works.

This book implements magic and mystery, a common theme among popular books

This book, with all its magic, plot twists, and complex characters, is an amazing, strong written book, that i would very much recommend to mystery fanatics who would rather read than sleep for awhile.