Short in retrospect, the last; Blog 26

Coming into this year I was terrified, everything was becoming serious. It’s my junior year, another year closer to graduation. To becoming a Senior, the most infamous and longed for year of high school. I  decided I would crack down on my studies and not procrastinate or slack off. But procrastination is easier done than said and I let some things slip. Especially more in some classes than others. *cough* *cough*. All in all though, this year was similar to the others years of high school. Although it was definitely shorter when looking back on the year. It feels like just yesterday I finishing my summer work, anticipated this year. As I near the beginning of my senior year of high school, an anxious feeling is rising in me. This is the last chapter of my entire high school career, meaning everything is about to change. It’s nerve-wracking, but exciting, thrilling even to know I have one year left until I’m out in the real world with every opportunity to make both this life and myself, what I want it to be. Not getting so worked up definitely helped when facing a test or a major project. Studying, reviewing my notes every few days, and staying calm got me through this year. I have this disease, and it’s debilitating, and I’ve struggled with it for a very long time. Not only does it affect my performance in school, but in every aspect of my life. It’s called procrastination. It’s really just my fault, but ehh, I’ll work on that later.What was the best and the worst works and/or assignments we did this year? My favorite assignment was the book trailer project. The worst assignments were probably the things I procrastinated on. I can’t remember what they are, but I’ll figure it out later. I could learn to not procrastinate, and maybe someday I will have this life changing experience where I will actively decide to stop procrastinating. But not today. I enjoyed the works we read, and watched, and I was a different experience in English than I’ve ever had. So how about we go with the middle. I want to make it through the year with the best grades I can get. I’m going to tour colleges, take the SAT’s again, and try to discover what I want to do in life. I’m excited to be an adult, but I am absolutely horrified by the idea of having responsibilities.

Themes; Blog 25

I am no expert on finding themes, and to be honest I might be completely off the mark here with what I thought the themes are, but I am going to support my answers as best I can. So for the first story, I though that the main theme of Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, is repression. Break free of boring life, in your dreams. “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock” was written in 1915, so middle-class America was still holding on to the hopes that it could be the European middle class. It was all a bit stuffy, and Stevens was in the thick of it. What is being repressed here is imagination. it calls for the reader to be like the old sailor,  and dream of hunting tigers. Let loose, in other words. At least in your dreams, if nowhere else.The theme of the Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock is love and loneliness . It’s hard to tell whether Prufrock is really in love with the person he is talking to. He speaks about himself a lot, and he ignores her, or “us,” for most of the poem. Maybe he’s too shy to speak his mind, although “cowardly” seems more accurate. There are a couple of points where he almost overcomes his massive fear of rejection, especially when he is standing on top of the stairs and wondering, “Do I dare?” (line 38). But he’s so involved with self hatred that it seems the love he had for this women was rejected and now he feels like he is in hell, and wants to drown. Whatever it is, the feeling never goes anywhere, and Prufrock is left to drown with his would-be beloved in the deep, deep ocean. And the theme of the final poem, is the theme of death. Okay, so when I first read the story, I was horribly confused as to what in the world was going on. So the poem is about a man named anyone, and a woman named noone. No one. This is actually a very deep message. This entire poem is a possibility of what a life could be like. Everyone is anyone, and anyone is no one. We are a small part of a bigger whole and we live, we love, we grieve, and we die. This poem, while at first seemed kind of funny, is horribly sad. “One day anyone died i guess”. This line says a lot about our lives. We die, but it doesn’t matter too much. The world moves on. The season come, they go, and things change. A human life is but a blip in this world and things happen, but no one, not the girl, is no better than anyone. We all die, and we all share, and we are all the same.

A bittersweet ending; Blog 24

At some parts, the booked seem to be slow. Although, after the first few chapters, the story moved faster and I found it more interesting. I thought the book of Huck Finn would be way less interesting than it was. I was expecting something more along the lines of dry writing. Though I think the most note worthy part of Huckleberry Finn was the humanizing of a slave. Jim was written as an actual person, with actual feelings. It was amazing. He was an important character, and was the only true good
person in the entirety of the book. I loved the character of Jim. I also loved that the book was basically about showing how slavery is terrible and makes fun of the huge racial issues in the Romantic South. So overall I have to say the book was way better than expected. I wish the character of Tom was different or just completely removed from all writing in general but that’s okay I guess. Jim is a free man, that’s all I wanted from the moment we started the book. I would say it did. I think a major theme was, something may be lawfully incorrect, but morally right. The struggle Huck has during the story highlights this. He doesn’t want to do the wrong thing, and since it’s illegal at this time to help slaves to freedom, he thought it was wrong. Even when he decides that he doesn’t care and will help Jim, he mentions that he’ll just go to hell. He is morally conflicted between following society and following his “heart” I guess you could say. Though as a modern reader we know what he is doing is good and correct. The book was way surprisingly not extremely different from previous works I’ve read. I mainly read modern works and they use satire as well. You can definitely tell what time period this book was written in based on the language used, but the provocativeness of the book definitely reminds me of modern authors style. I hate Tom. I’m so glad it turned out well for Jim, but I hate Tom and everything his character stands for and represents. Of course this is why Twain introduced him to us. To show how terrible Romanticist think and to make us hate it. If I could change anything, I would have had the bullet be poisoned and a few days after the end of the book, Tom dies. The world doesn’t need a person like him, not at all. Treat everyone with respect and don’t make your actions be self-serving and only revolve around you. Care about people, have empathy. The novel definitely applies to today. There are still racial tensions, and new tensions between religions, and sexes, and sexual orientation. As long as humanity is in existence, there will always be tensions between someone, and this book shows how terrible those tensions are by making fun of it. I am going to show important parts of the book from a variety of point-of-views in the book, possibly even the point-of-view from a modern reader or person. I think this will help to understand the themes in the book and how they apply to all time periods and people. I hope everything goes as plan, or even better.

The end is near; Blog 23

Huck tries to run away with Jim after the chaos with finding the gold in the coffin. The King and Duke make it back to the raft before they could leave. The Duke and the King fight about how the money ended up in the coffin. This ends in the Duke strangling the King, and the King confessing to hiding the money. The King and the Duke are angry about being broke and so they decide to to pull another con. They try several cons, none successful. In the end, the King sells Jim to Silas Phelps, a small farm owner and preacher. Huck debates on what to do about this, going back and forth in a mental dialogue. He finally decides that he doesn’t want Miss Watson the truth about him and Jim and decides that he wants to help Jim to freedom. In the end, Huck says it’s fine, he will go to hell. Huck goes to the farm to confront the Phelps. Although Aunt Sally believes Huck to be none other than her nephew Tom Sawyer. Fearing the truth about his identity coming out, Huck intercepts Tom before he gets to the house. Huck lays the truth out for Tom and asks if he would help Huck free Jim. Tom, going against everything we know about his character, agrees. We meet Silas and Sally Phelps. The aunt and uncle of Tom Sawyer. They are decent people, morally grey in the story. Tom Sawyer is developed in these chapters, much to my dismay. We see that he is not so high and moral as Huck previously thought, and is really just does things to please his inflated ego and broken sense of adventure. We also see the realist is Huck more. We know that the Phelps’ farm is a small cotton plantation and there are a few other slaves besides Jim. Twain is using it to keep Huck and Jim stationary, metaphorically and literally speaking. It’s Huck and Jim’s prison. I hope the ending will be a happy one. Although,knowing Twain, the ending will be infuriating. Perhaps it will end with Jim being freed. Or it will end with Tom doing something stupid without regards for how it will effect Huck and Jim. Maybe Tom will tell someone what Huck is planning and Huck will be hung for being an abolitionist and Jim will never see his family again. While Tom is off with a great story and is a “hero” in the eyes of society and my hate for Tom Sawyer will be forever burning.

To Mars in a soup can; Blog 22

For the independent reading author selection I chose Ray Bradbury. I chose this author because I have read some of his work, two short stories. They were dark, and imaginative and the plots were incredible. After reading “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury I was instantly taken with the way he saw the world and how he pieced each word together into something so simple and terrifying. The way he delved into the workings of the house brought the story to life. It was imaginative, and the way the story played out was chilling. His writing is eerie and beautiful. This year we read The Veldt, and I found it to be stunning as well. His writing amazes me and I would love to explore more of his work. Ray Bradbury wrote novels, and short stories. Although he did dabble in other forms of literature. I was more interested in how Ray Bradbury wrote, instead of what forms of literature he wrote. I love reading novels, short stories, and poems. Even screenplays peek my interested. What really struck me was the genres of books and short stories he wrote. After looking up up his work, I found Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and A Sound Of Thunder to be really interesting. Fahrenheit 451 is regarded as one of Ray Bradbury’s most notable works. It’s about a dystopian society, and I love reading about dystopian society. The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found. It follows a man who is a “fireman”, but he soon begins to question his existence and what everything really means. He escapes his oppressive society and joins an underground society. Just by reading the summary I was hooked. The second book I found to also be really interesting because it’s a dark fantasy novel. That last one is a short story called A Sound Of Thunder. I was drawn to it because it’s science fiction. Ray Bradbury was born in 1920. After graduating from high school in 1938, Bradbury was turned down for military service because of bad eyesight. He earned a living selling newspapers while working on his writing. He wrote many novels and short stories and an array of other works before he died in 2012.


The anger I feel; Blog 21

I think the novel is very unique and the writing style is brilliant for the story and the point of view it is told from. The way Mark Twain writes in the dialect of Huck Finn was an interesting touch. The misspelled words and unique form of sentences brings the story to life. I’ve never really thought about how the story might be before, I just kind of thought it was some prestigious book. Because of how long ago it was written, I was expecting it to be more boring than it actually is. It is, however, just as racist as I was expecting it to be, because offensive language is very present all throughout the book. It’s way different than I thought it would be writing wise. Although the actual plot of the book wasn’t a surprise. I love the voice of Huck Finn.  I hate Pap Finn, and the new judge for allowing Pap Finn to remain the legal guardian of Huck Finn. I want to learn more about Pap Finn’s childhood. I’m curious to know who made him such a horrible person. Perhaps it was his father and that is why he is so hard on Huck I really like the character of Huck Finn, his thoughts are unfiltered and its really interesting to see. Of course the use of offensive language makes me very uncomfortable.I guess this helps with the presentation maybe. The contents of the book is raw and should make you uncomfortable so perhaps it brings a new dimension of bringing realization to the readers. I realize at the time the book was published a certain word grouping certain people together was common, although now it’s demeaning and very offensive. I like the book and how it’s revealing the realities of this time and how it’s raw uncensored content is showing the hardship of the lives in the book. It is a little better than I expected.  The book itself is very interesting, and I am  especially the dynamic between the different characters and what the characters represent or what they are satirizing. 


Jumping frogs! Blog 20

When we were first assigned the story to read, I was very intrigued by the title. It didn’t seem like something that would fit into the satire unit. Or course I was very wrong. I was expecting a cute little story, maybe something hopeful and a story you would read to a child. I enjoyed the way there was another story within the story and it was told from someone other than the narrator. Also, the change in writing from the narrator to Simon Wheeler. The narrator was very formal and particular with his words, while Simon Wheeler seemed uneducated. The humor was very obvious, but so obvious that I almost missed it at first. The point of the story was to show that even if you do not have formal education, you can still be smart. And now on to independent reading. I liked that we had to created a book trailer for our independent reading book. At first I was annoyed by it. I had no idea how to make a book trailer, or any kind of trailer. It also didn’t help that the book I chose was fantasy based and I got into thinking about how I was going to do this. First I tried to make it very complicated and make it animated, but then I realized I just had to find the essence of the book and show it. It really made me focus on each event that took place in the story and how it pertained to the plot and each characters role in the formation of the book. I wasn’t really thinking about what kind of book I wanted, but because I knew I had to find a book that was interesting and not so traditional and cliche in its presentation and follow through.The first chapter was way shorter than I thought it would be and I also enjoyed the pictures. I understand the character of Huck Finn. He pours his thoughts out, he doesn’t seem so complicated as some people. The writing it raw and not trying to show off. It’s a perfect style for the story to be conveyed through. I think this story will be a tragedy.

Satire; Blog 20

I come from a humorous family. My dad is very sarcastic and my family watches shows with satire, and dark humor. I think everything is funny. I really enjoy puns and witty jokes. Weird things always make me laugh. I can not really put my humor into one category, I fall into all of them. If something has a chance of being funny, I will probably laugh. An example of my sometimes unsophisticated and easily amused humor would be this clip:

Mark Twain was a realist and revealed the truths about the 19th century through his writing. He used satire in his writing to convey these truths. Mark Twain was a  I have heard of Mark Twain, although I have never officially studied him before. I know he is a famous writer and that he is well known for his realism style of writing. His writing showed the the truth behind life and the cruel realities that were avoided. Mark Twain was a major American writer from Missouri. His stories and novels are famous for their humor, vivid details, and memorable characters. His best-known works are The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, both classics in American literature.





Vertigo; Blog 19

The movie is different, and it’s keeping my interest. I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what the twist ending could be, and now I’m so intrigued that I can’t wait to finish it. I like the relationship between John and Midge. Midge is probably my favorite character because she just does her own thing and she is funny.I don’t mind John’s character but there seems to be something off with him. Madeline, I haven’t figured out if she’s actually possessed, crazy, or making the whole thing up. Now the relationship between Madeline and John makes me uncomfortable. One, she’s like half his age. Two, she’s married, And three, they barely know each other. He’s just some random guy who saved her, and she’s his best friends wife. What is their relationship based on? Because as far as I can see, they’re strangers. Also, how has she not noticed he’s been following her for days? He’s in the same car, he follows close behind her, and many times they’re the only two on the road. I really like the idea of her being possessed by a dead relative though, it’s interesting. Also the similarities between them is a cool touch. I also liked the painting Midge made, even though John didn’t find the humor in it. I’m not really sure what the end will be, but the whole possession thing might be a lie and she could’ve just made up the entire thing to get away for her husband because she hates him. Or the husband could be drugging her, because he wants to mess with her so he can take the family fortune. Or perhaps John could have actually fallen off the roof, and he made up this entire scenario in a comatose state. I really like the movie so far and I can’t wait to finish it. I think, for the most part, it’s perfect.

Blade of Grass; Blog 18

I love the symbol Walt Whitman uses for society. I have never thought of society, and individual people as in depth as Whitman. Transcendentalism really shows in his work and takes each ideal to heart. It’s honestly beautiful. I also really appreciate the humor he incorporates in Section 52. It’s amazing to read someone’s soul. Many times when we write, we try to sound perfect, we try to sound like someone else. Whitman on the other hand, openly confesses to contradicting himself. He wasn’t trying to incorporate confusing language, and lengthy lines. He was simply telling his thoughts. His path to transcendentalism, and I find it beautiful. Section 52 was perhaps my favorite section. Possibly because he invited humor into his writing, but also because it’s real. He is saying that he has given his writing to the world. And as he returns to the earth, his writing will remain. He is dying, he has spent years of his life, dedicating himself to this poem, and this section perfectly captures his hope and ideals. The questions he is asking. Everyone has asked these questions. You can see this every day. Everyone is asking questions about who they are and what they’re doing. You yourself has asked these questions. Maybe you are still asking these questions. Maybe you have even found the answers. I know teenagers and young adults are trying to find the answers to these perpetual questions that weigh on each individual and society as a whole. Also the practice of talking instead of doing. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what should happen or what you should do, but when it comes down to it, they do not take their own advice. Asking questions instead of trying to find the answers. it’s much easier to ask someone else, or find someone else’s answers and opinion instead of forming your own. Especially with the entire world at our fingertips, laziness has skyrocketed. And also the practice of following instead of leading. Of course it’s easier to follow a path than make your own. Honestly, I do not really have any questions or concerns, and I’ve expressed all my thoughts already. I think we talked in depth about the poem, and for the most part I understand it. Or maybe I don’t understand it at all and this confusion runs so deep I can’t formulate a questions. Anyway, I wouldn’t rate this poem. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and to “rate” it would diminish the integrity or it. Although, the poem was stunning.