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blog 25

the theme that the three poems, “the love song of A.J prufock,” “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock,” and “anyone who lived in a pretty how town” shared a very similar, depressing, but good theme to know. the theme was to not waste your time in life and enjoy it with whoever makes it a good time. this is a good theme to know because so many people do this and then when it’s too late to do anything they regret their life choices. in the love song poem you read about this man at a classy, high end party, but he is being judged and he is just trying to fit in with the other people. this shows that you can try to be like everyone else and waste your time being someone you’re not. and everyday he measures his day in spoons of coffee. this shows that he does the same thing everyday and he wishes his life wasn’t like that. in disillusionment of 10 o’clock, he thinks the only person with fun dreams is the drunken sailor, and everyone else is bland and boring.  this shows that even though you may be by yourself you can still have a great time, other people could be with so many people but still feel by themselves. and for this reason it develops the theme of enjoying your time. the last poem, anyone who lived in a pretty how town, developed the theme by using key words someone, and anyone. these two words created a feeling of loneliness. and the time part if the theme was created by using the words of the four seasons. these three poems are all connected by the theme because it shows no matter where you are or who you are with time and being alone can be relevant anywhere you are.

the one i find to be most applicable to our society today is the love song poem because so many people go to parties and try to fit in. or that their life doesn’t matter (reason for suicide) and that’s what the writer thinks of himself. i like the love song the most because i feel like it was the easiest one to understand and i liked the fact that it is so relevant for us now.

blog 24

my thoughts for the novel as a whole is that the novel was trash.  it was not better than expected because i could not get passed how stupid they sounded while they talked. it did accomplish its job with the themes of southern romanticism and hypocrisy. i feel like compared to most novels it was all over the place. i honestly lost track of their goal throughout the novel. they were going up north to free jim, but i lost that goal when they met the duke and king. once we met them, all they talked out was basically the duke and king, we lost sight of jim i feel lie until they sold him. whereas other novels it is easy to stay on track of their goal throughout the novel. i did not like the end of the novel either. it was not a good ending because it made me hat Tom more than i already did. if i could something about the end, it would be Huck’s role model.  tom was an awful role model on huck. at the end of the novel, Tom completely turned his back on Huck. the most important things for a modern reader to take away from this novel is the idea of real friendship. Huck and Tom were not real friends because friends don’t turn their backs on each other. But Huck and Jim eventually became real friends. Huck did not stop to help free Jim, and that is a real friend. the novel does apply to society today. today their are still people that are racist and sexist. so they can take notes from characters in this novel that rebelled from those norm rolls for the time. they also can take notes for what real friends do because now a days there are so many fake friends.

for our Huck Finn project my group has decided to make a cards against humanity game and call it “Huck against Humanity.” we chose to do this because we wanted to do a game to make it fun, but our teacher said if we do a game then it can’t be a game kids can play because the novel is not meant for kids. so my very first thought for a game was cards against humanity because it’s such an inappropriate game. i think we can really do a good job on this and execute the characters and theme with this.

blog 23

one important event in the three chapters is when they get into town, the duke and king sold jim as a run away slave for $40. this is important because now Huck must go look for him.  then he wants to write Miss Watson to get help, but he can’t do it because he doesn’t want Jim to return home, he wants to be set free. Huck at this point finally sees jim as equal and would go to “hell” to get him back.this is important because it’s showing the change in Huck. he’s starting to have good morals. this is also the point where Huck cuts his ties with the two cons.this is important because the two cons were bad for Huck’s transition for having good morals. the two con’s character traits start to change for the worse. they begin to get worse at their scams, and lose a lot of money. eventually they are chased out of town, helping to get out of the way for Huck. New characters we meet are the Phelps’ who have Jim and think he is a runaway and what we find out is extremely important. twain uses the plantation to finally give Huck his happy ending that he deserves. in the next chapter he goes to get Jim back and he finds out that the plantation is no other’s but Tom Sawyer’s uncle’s farm. of course this important because it is the introduction of Huck’s old friend tom sawyer. but tom’s uncle thinks that Huck is Tom. when Tom sees Huck he is startled and thinks he is a ghost. after believing huck is alive, he agrees to help free Jim. the plantation is important because we know that the rest of the story will be taking place on this plantation. i believe the plantation will be the happy ending. it’s the perfect situation for twain to set up a happy ending for Huck. i think huck will live on this plantation with Tom so he can live in  his happy medium of being civilized, and living wild. and Jim will finally be free.

blog 22

the author i chose was Stephen King. i picked this author because he wrote many books that i heard are very good and are a horror genre.. i tried reading one of his books when i was younger…i don’t remember which one, but i think i was too young to get into it, so i am hoping that now that i am older, i will enjoy it and understand it. my mom reads many of his books and enjoys them a lot and i have enjoyed the books that have been turned into movies or shows some of my favorites are: under the dome, the shinning, and IT.  the primary form King writes in is novel.  this did not really impact my choice of author because i am used to reading novels and honestly i didn’t even look at the type of books he writes any kind that any of the authors wrote to be honest. i just looked for an author that i kind of know and i was just looking for a good book. three interesting works of his that i would like to read are: IT, pet semetary, and under the dome. they looked was interesting because i really enjoyed the films, the same for under the dome. Pet semetary seemed the most interesting because I’ve heard really good reviews of it and i like that it is a horror story.  i think the author’s life is interesting because of many things. some things i found interesting were: he was hit by a car and then bought the car that hit him (kinda thought it was weird), his friend was killed by a train, he is from Maine, and he battles alcohol and drug problems. i know for some of these experiences he uses them for inspiration in his novels. for example, a lot of his stories take place in Maine, and this is because he is from Maine. also  i like that the time period of his writing is current and still relative. i like this because i hate reading books that are out of date and i can’t relate to it at all.

blog 21

so far i feel like this book is boring to read. its a good book on what its about and what’s going on. but having to read the actual words, i get bored. i guess it is better than i thought it would be though. the characters are very interesting. pap is an evil, evil man. he’s a type of person that you just want to punch. it is ironic that he thinks that if he has that cross on his boot then the devil can’t see him, but i am pretty sure he is the devil. then the widow reminds me of a sister at my church. she is very religious, and expects you to know it all. jim was a funny guy. he is a slave that cons people. he has this hair ball thing that he says can give you answers. he told Huck that if you feed it a nickle it will give you answers, and Huck actually bought it. huck i feel bad for because i feel like he’s growing up too fast. when he was playing robbers with his friends, he couldn’t “see” what his friends could see. and then to be kidnapped by his own dad because he wants to take his own dad is unbelievable. the worst part was when huck was being chased around the cabin by his dad with a knife.  so the characters are my favorite part of the book.  the part i hate that was how the is written.  it breaks the forth wall which can make it confusing at times. for the time this was written this must have been interesting and new, but for me it is not my cup of tea. i do like that he uses satire though. Twain uses pap and makes fun of the people that are too dumb to know how to change things. pap does not like the judicial process, so his way to fight it is to not vote anymore. see how this is dumb? voting is the only way to change this. but there are real people in life that think this is the way to make a change. i also liked that used a stupid southerner for this because i think they are pretty dumb when it comes to politics. honestly i think this book is worst than i thought it would be.

blog 20

i actually really liked “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”  i thought it was funny how he got played finally.  i didn’t realize that he was just screwing around with the narrator, but when we discussed it in class, i thought that was hilarious. it showed that you can’t judge a book by its cover because this extremely “smart” guy got played by this guy that he thought was an idiot because of how he looked, but he outsmarted him. this was an example of satire, and i believe it was satire for  smile’s gambling problem.

i actually enjoyed doing AR this quarter. i hate taking tests and doing blogs, but i like using animoto. so doing the project for AR was really fun to do. i wish we did this instead of AR. tests. it made me enjoy reading the book more, instead of having to cram 2 books in when i had to juggle work, school, and sports. it made me understand the book too since i was going to need to use the problems to make a good trailer, which i think i did do. i only struggled figuring out the rubric at first and how i was supposed to do it so that it was right, but once i understood it i think i nailed the assignment.

my first impression of the story was that i thought it was cool but a little uncomfortable to read a book where the character broke the 4th wall and was talking to the reader. I’ve watched movies like that, but i’ve never read a book that did it. i don’t think i could even name another book that i heard did this. i was told this story will be about huck helping a slave get to freedom. i think this story will be one of those “friendship is all you need” type of books. like the cheesy ones where it teaches to always help others.

satire blog

at first i did not know what satire was or if i knew examples of it. but when we started talking about it more and he gave the example of the Simpsons and saturday night live i knew exactly what we were talking about then. i love this kind of humor actually. i like watching family guy and simpsons because of this kind of humor.  the one example i found to post for class was a clip from a family guy episode.  it had joe talk about how when he became polarized, he could have had a surgery that could help him walk again, but giving him a wheel chair was cheaper so his insurance company went with the wheel chair. so this episode was making fun of how insurance companies care more about money than they care about you.  the only thing i know about mark twain is that his name is mark twain. i have only heard of him but never looked at what he does.  after looking at some of his work, i know his style of writing is to reveal the gritty and sometimes uncomfortable reality of the 19th century.    i found out that he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which i know is a very famous book…but i have never read. i heard we read it this year though.  something i found interesting about mark twain is that  He was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens on November 30, 1835 in the town of Florida, Missouri. That was two weeks after halley’s comet appeared in its closest approach to the Earth. also  During his trip to the Mediterranean, he met his future brother-in-law who, in turn, introduced him to his future wife, Olivia Langdon. He was married within a few short years to Olivia. Through his wife’s family he was able to meet many famous people. Her family was wealthy and had liberal views on many issues of the day. and one last thing i found out about him that i found interesting was Twain was introduced to leaders including abolitionists, socialists, atheists and political activits. In his life, Twain was very outspoken on issues such as slavery, racism and animal cruelty. He incorporated many of his liberal ideas into his writing. and my favorite was that he loved cats and wanted them around him all the time.

blog 18

so far  i really like the film. although it was really slow in the beginning, i still liked the little details. i think the acting is really good, and all the little details in the background are great. for example, the flowers and hair of the lady in the painting are the exact same as Madeline, which show you that she thinks she is the lady in the painting. but that makes me think she’s loco. also, the friend of scotty, her acting  think is really good because you can how she feels for him. you can tell she still really cares for him even tho she broke off the engagement and he totally friend zoned her.  i hate that he’s starting to like madeline… she’s married.midge is my favorite character in the movie because she is the most relatable for girls. she loved scotty more than he loved her. and now she still loves him but she’s totally in the friend zone. another thing i liked was, you have to listen carefully,  was when scotty and Madeline were in the woods and they were looking at a map, Madeline say “he i was born, and er i died.”  i liked this because obviously she isn’t dead so it shows that she thinks she is actually possessed.  the only thing i hated about the movie is that the words are off from the lips, when scotty is driving he wheel is not turning enough for what is happening in the background, and it was just kinda boring in the beginning. so far from what i’ve gotten from the movie i think madeline will end up killing herself and scotty will do the same. that’s it… no happy ending. i can’t really critique this movie yet because not much has happened to give me “virtigo” but what has happened i think it will get there.

blog 18

in the beginning of reading this i was so confused and didn’t understand a thing it was saying. and then when we went over the first section i did not understand how my teacher was getting what he said we got. like you have to go soooo deep into it to a point it doesn’t even makes sense on how you got that. but i guess in the end some did make somewhat sense. i wish that he didn’t make it so hard to understand, because things that sound like a one night stand should simple mean a one night stand.  i think section 52 was the most interesting because throughout the whole poem he was preaching about the society being productive and to watch yourself, but he was doing the complete opposite.  but he also realizes he’s going to die soon. i feel like its amazing when people realize that they’re going to die soon and they need to change, eve though they should’ve done it years ago. he says this poem is his legacy and you can find him in this poem. because other poets now a days are basing their poems off this one, and that it influence people who reads this to make a better society and when we read this poem we are at the age of adults asking us “who are you?” or “what do you want to do the rest of your life?” it helps them understand what they should to do, makes this the most influential poem in american literature. some questions i have for him are : did he write this poem because he was lost himself as well? was the way he was living true, or was it just something he said he did? if someone asked me if they read this i would tell no unless you’re really smart and know how to pull apart a poem extremely well. i don’t think the poem is worth reading because it’s so hard to understand, and if you don’t understand what he truly is saying then it’s completely different.

blog 17

i agree and disagree that “that government is best which governs least” because for example, the U.S i feel has too little government. people breaks laws so often and they don’t care because it can result in only spending a few nights in jail. for example when the U.S had a prohibition, which means the made the consumption and sales of alcohol illegal. i believe that is a government with too much power, but then at the same time people would go drink illegally in speakeasies and only spend a few night in jail IF they were caught. so i think that is a government with little power. the people don’t take the government seriously. But there’s countries that have too much government power to a point where they will arrest you for things you say. places like China or North Korea where they censor what you read on the internet, you can’t say anything about the government and if you do they could kill you or arrest you for it. the role of the government “is limited only to those spheres of activity within which the individual citizen has the right to act.” when Thoreau  “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it. . .” hes talking about a government that has dictatorship because if you speak out against it you will be killed or arrested. the fear that dictators push onto its people cause them not to speak up and live in fear. the role for civil disobedience today is the ways people protest against something like the government.  there’s many forms of civil disobedience like marches, rallies, walk-outs, etc. today there have been marches for women’s rights, pro life, black lives matter, and many more. the most recent form of protest will be taking place in march for students to show they want something to be done to prevent school shootings. they will walk out of school, so its a walk-out protest, and stand outside for 17 minutes for the 17 victims that died in the Florida school shooting.

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