the theme that the three poems, “the love song of A.J prufock,” “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock,” and “anyone who lived in a pretty how town” shared a very similar, depressing, but good theme to know. the theme was to not waste your time in life and enjoy it with whoever makes it a good time. this is a good theme to know because so many people do this and then when it’s too late to do anything they regret their life choices. in the love song poem you read about this man at a classy, high end party, but he is being judged and he is just trying to fit in with the other people. this shows that you can try to be like everyone else and waste your time being someone you’re not. and everyday he measures his day in spoons of coffee. this shows that he does the same thing everyday and he wishes his life wasn’t like that. in disillusionment of 10 o’clock, he thinks the only person with fun dreams is the drunken sailor, and everyone else is bland and boring.  this shows that even though you may be by yourself you can still have a great time, other people could be with so many people but still feel by themselves. and for this reason it develops the theme of enjoying your time. the last poem, anyone who lived in a pretty how town, developed the theme by using key words someone, and anyone. these two words created a feeling of loneliness. and the time part if the theme was created by using the words of the four seasons. these three poems are all connected by the theme because it shows no matter where you are or who you are with time and being alone can be relevant anywhere you are.

the one i find to be most applicable to our society today is the love song poem because so many people go to parties and try to fit in. or that their life doesn’t matter (reason for suicide) and that’s what the writer thinks of himself. i like the love song the most because i feel like it was the easiest one to understand and i liked the fact that it is so relevant for us now.