one important event in the three chapters is when they get into town, the duke and king sold jim as a run away slave for $40. this is important because now Huck must go look for him.  then he wants to write Miss Watson to get help, but he can’t do it because he doesn’t want Jim to return home, he wants to be set free. Huck at this point finally sees jim as equal and would go to “hell” to get him back.this is important because it’s showing the change in Huck. he’s starting to have good morals. this is also the point where Huck cuts his ties with the two cons.this is important because the two cons were bad for Huck’s transition for having good morals. the two con’s character traits start to change for the worse. they begin to get worse at their scams, and lose a lot of money. eventually they are chased out of town, helping to get out of the way for Huck. New characters we meet are the Phelps’ who have Jim and think he is a runaway and what we find out is extremely important. twain uses the plantation to finally give Huck his happy ending that he deserves. in the next chapter he goes to get Jim back and he finds out that the plantation is no other’s but Tom Sawyer’s uncle’s farm. of course this important because it is the introduction of Huck’s old friend tom sawyer. but tom’s uncle thinks that Huck is Tom. when Tom sees Huck he is startled and thinks he is a ghost. after believing huck is alive, he agrees to help free Jim. the plantation is important because we know that the rest of the story will be taking place on this plantation. i believe the plantation will be the happy ending. it’s the perfect situation for twain to set up a happy ending for Huck. i think huck will live on this plantation with Tom so he can live in  his happy medium of being civilized, and living wild. and Jim will finally be free.