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Month: May 2018

blog 25

the theme that the three poems, “the love song of A.J prufock,” “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock,” and “anyone who lived in a pretty how town” shared a very similar, depressing, but good theme to know. the theme was to not waste your time in life and enjoy it with whoever makes it a good time. this is a good theme to know because so many people do this and then when it’s too late to do anything they regret their life choices. in the love song poem you read about this man at a classy, high end party, but he is being judged and he is just trying to fit in with the other people. this shows that you can try to be like everyone else and waste your time being someone you’re not. and everyday he measures his day in spoons of coffee. this shows that he does the same thing everyday and he wishes his life wasn’t like that. in disillusionment of 10 o’clock, he thinks the only person with fun dreams is the drunken sailor, and everyone else is bland and boring.  this shows that even though you may be by yourself you can still have a great time, other people could be with so many people but still feel by themselves. and for this reason it develops the theme of enjoying your time. the last poem, anyone who lived in a pretty how town, developed the theme by using key words someone, and anyone. these two words created a feeling of loneliness. and the time part if the theme was created by using the words of the four seasons. these three poems are all connected by the theme because it shows no matter where you are or who you are with time and being alone can be relevant anywhere you are.

the one i find to be most applicable to our society today is the love song poem because so many people go to parties and try to fit in. or that their life doesn’t matter (reason for suicide) and that’s what the writer thinks of himself. i like the love song the most because i feel like it was the easiest one to understand and i liked the fact that it is so relevant for us now.

blog 24

my thoughts for the novel as a whole is that the novel was trash.  it was not better than expected because i could not get passed how stupid they sounded while they talked. it did accomplish its job with the themes of southern romanticism and hypocrisy. i feel like compared to most novels it was all over the place. i honestly lost track of their goal throughout the novel. they were going up north to free jim, but i lost that goal when they met the duke and king. once we met them, all they talked out was basically the duke and king, we lost sight of jim i feel lie until they sold him. whereas other novels it is easy to stay on track of their goal throughout the novel. i did not like the end of the novel either. it was not a good ending because it made me hat Tom more than i already did. if i could something about the end, it would be Huck’s role model.  tom was an awful role model on huck. at the end of the novel, Tom completely turned his back on Huck. the most important things for a modern reader to take away from this novel is the idea of real friendship. Huck and Tom were not real friends because friends don’t turn their backs on each other. But Huck and Jim eventually became real friends. Huck did not stop to help free Jim, and that is a real friend. the novel does apply to society today. today their are still people that are racist and sexist. so they can take notes from characters in this novel that rebelled from those norm rolls for the time. they also can take notes for what real friends do because now a days there are so many fake friends.

for our Huck Finn project my group has decided to make a cards against humanity game and call it “Huck against Humanity.” we chose to do this because we wanted to do a game to make it fun, but our teacher said if we do a game then it can’t be a game kids can play because the novel is not meant for kids. so my very first thought for a game was cards against humanity because it’s such an inappropriate game. i think we can really do a good job on this and execute the characters and theme with this.

blog 23

one important event in the three chapters is when they get into town, the duke and king sold jim as a run away slave for $40. this is important because now Huck must go look for him.  then he wants to write Miss Watson to get help, but he can’t do it because he doesn’t want Jim to return home, he wants to be set free. Huck at this point finally sees jim as equal and would go to “hell” to get him back.this is important because it’s showing the change in Huck. he’s starting to have good morals. this is also the point where Huck cuts his ties with the two cons.this is important because the two cons were bad for Huck’s transition for having good morals. the two con’s character traits start to change for the worse. they begin to get worse at their scams, and lose a lot of money. eventually they are chased out of town, helping to get out of the way for Huck. New characters we meet are the Phelps’ who have Jim and think he is a runaway and what we find out is extremely important. twain uses the plantation to finally give Huck his happy ending that he deserves. in the next chapter he goes to get Jim back and he finds out that the plantation is no other’s but Tom Sawyer’s uncle’s farm. of course this important because it is the introduction of Huck’s old friend tom sawyer. but tom’s uncle thinks that Huck is Tom. when Tom sees Huck he is startled and thinks he is a ghost. after believing huck is alive, he agrees to help free Jim. the plantation is important because we know that the rest of the story will be taking place on this plantation. i believe the plantation will be the happy ending. it’s the perfect situation for twain to set up a happy ending for Huck. i think huck will live on this plantation with Tom so he can live in  his happy medium of being civilized, and living wild. and Jim will finally be free.

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