the author i chose was Stephen King. i picked this author because he wrote many books that i heard are very good and are a horror genre.. i tried reading one of his books when i was younger…i don’t remember which one, but i think i was too young to get into it, so i am hoping that now that i am older, i will enjoy it and understand it. my mom reads many of his books and enjoys them a lot and i have enjoyed the books that have been turned into movies or shows some of my favorites are: under the dome, the shinning, and IT.  the primary form King writes in is novel.  this did not really impact my choice of author because i am used to reading novels and honestly i didn’t even look at the type of books he writes any kind that any of the authors wrote to be honest. i just looked for an author that i kind of know and i was just looking for a good book. three interesting works of his that i would like to read are: IT, pet semetary, and under the dome. they looked was interesting because i really enjoyed the films, the same for under the dome. Pet semetary seemed the most interesting because I’ve heard really good reviews of it and i like that it is a horror story.  i think the author’s life is interesting because of many things. some things i found interesting were: he was hit by a car and then bought the car that hit him (kinda thought it was weird), his friend was killed by a train, he is from Maine, and he battles alcohol and drug problems. i know for some of these experiences he uses them for inspiration in his novels. for example, a lot of his stories take place in Maine, and this is because he is from Maine. also  i like that the time period of his writing is current and still relative. i like this because i hate reading books that are out of date and i can’t relate to it at all.