i actually really liked “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”  i thought it was funny how he got played finally.  i didn’t realize that he was just screwing around with the narrator, but when we discussed it in class, i thought that was hilarious. it showed that you can’t judge a book by its cover because this extremely “smart” guy got played by this guy that he thought was an idiot because of how he looked, but he outsmarted him. this was an example of satire, and i believe it was satire for  smile’s gambling problem.

i actually enjoyed doing AR this quarter. i hate taking tests and doing blogs, but i like using animoto. so doing the project for AR was really fun to do. i wish we did this instead of AR. tests. it made me enjoy reading the book more, instead of having to cram 2 books in when i had to juggle work, school, and sports. it made me understand the book too since i was going to need to use the problems to make a good trailer, which i think i did do. i only struggled figuring out the rubric at first and how i was supposed to do it so that it was right, but once i understood it i think i nailed the assignment.

my first impression of the story was that i thought it was cool but a little uncomfortable to read a book where the character broke the 4th wall and was talking to the reader. I’ve watched movies like that, but i’ve never read a book that did it. i don’t think i could even name another book that i heard did this. i was told this story will be about huck helping a slave get to freedom. i think this story will be one of those “friendship is all you need” type of books. like the cheesy ones where it teaches to always help others.