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Month: April 2018

blog 22

the author i chose was Stephen King. i picked this author because he wrote many books that i heard are very good and are a horror genre.. i tried reading one of his books when i was younger…i don’t remember which one, but i think i was too young to get into it, so i am hoping that now that i am older, i will enjoy it and understand it. my mom reads many of his books and enjoys them a lot and i have enjoyed the books that have been turned into movies or shows some of my favorites are: under the dome, the shinning, and IT.  the primary form King writes in is novel.  this did not really impact my choice of author because i am used to reading novels and honestly i didn’t even look at the type of books he writes any kind that any of the authors wrote to be honest. i just looked for an author that i kind of know and i was just looking for a good book. three interesting works of his that i would like to read are: IT, pet semetary, and under the dome. they looked was interesting because i really enjoyed the films, the same for under the dome. Pet semetary seemed the most interesting because I’ve heard really good reviews of it and i like that it is a horror story.  i think the author’s life is interesting because of many things. some things i found interesting were: he was hit by a car and then bought the car that hit him (kinda thought it was weird), his friend was killed by a train, he is from Maine, and he battles alcohol and drug problems. i know for some of these experiences he uses them for inspiration in his novels. for example, a lot of his stories take place in Maine, and this is because he is from Maine. also  i like that the time period of his writing is current and still relative. i like this because i hate reading books that are out of date and i can’t relate to it at all.

blog 21

so far i feel like this book is boring to read. its a good book on what its about and what’s going on. but having to read the actual words, i get bored. i guess it is better than i thought it would be though. the characters are very interesting. pap is an evil, evil man. he’s a type of person that you just want to punch. it is ironic that he thinks that if he has that cross on his boot then the devil can’t see him, but i am pretty sure he is the devil. then the widow reminds me of a sister at my church. she is very religious, and expects you to know it all. jim was a funny guy. he is a slave that cons people. he has this hair ball thing that he says can give you answers. he told Huck that if you feed it a nickle it will give you answers, and Huck actually bought it. huck i feel bad for because i feel like he’s growing up too fast. when he was playing robbers with his friends, he couldn’t “see” what his friends could see. and then to be kidnapped by his own dad because he wants to take his own dad is unbelievable. the worst part was when huck was being chased around the cabin by his dad with a knife.  so the characters are my favorite part of the book.  the part i hate that was how the is written.  it breaks the forth wall which can make it confusing at times. for the time this was written this must have been interesting and new, but for me it is not my cup of tea. i do like that he uses satire though. Twain uses pap and makes fun of the people that are too dumb to know how to change things. pap does not like the judicial process, so his way to fight it is to not vote anymore. see how this is dumb? voting is the only way to change this. but there are real people in life that think this is the way to make a change. i also liked that used a stupid southerner for this because i think they are pretty dumb when it comes to politics. honestly i think this book is worst than i thought it would be.

blog 20

i actually really liked “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”  i thought it was funny how he got played finally.  i didn’t realize that he was just screwing around with the narrator, but when we discussed it in class, i thought that was hilarious. it showed that you can’t judge a book by its cover because this extremely “smart” guy got played by this guy that he thought was an idiot because of how he looked, but he outsmarted him. this was an example of satire, and i believe it was satire for  smile’s gambling problem.

i actually enjoyed doing AR this quarter. i hate taking tests and doing blogs, but i like using animoto. so doing the project for AR was really fun to do. i wish we did this instead of AR. tests. it made me enjoy reading the book more, instead of having to cram 2 books in when i had to juggle work, school, and sports. it made me understand the book too since i was going to need to use the problems to make a good trailer, which i think i did do. i only struggled figuring out the rubric at first and how i was supposed to do it so that it was right, but once i understood it i think i nailed the assignment.

my first impression of the story was that i thought it was cool but a little uncomfortable to read a book where the character broke the 4th wall and was talking to the reader. I’ve watched movies like that, but i’ve never read a book that did it. i don’t think i could even name another book that i heard did this. i was told this story will be about huck helping a slave get to freedom. i think this story will be one of those “friendship is all you need” type of books. like the cheesy ones where it teaches to always help others.

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