at first i did not know what satire was or if i knew examples of it. but when we started talking about it more and he gave the example of the Simpsons and saturday night live i knew exactly what we were talking about then. i love this kind of humor actually. i like watching family guy and simpsons because of this kind of humor.  the one example i found to post for class was a clip from a family guy episode.  it had joe talk about how when he became polarized, he could have had a surgery that could help him walk again, but giving him a wheel chair was cheaper so his insurance company went with the wheel chair. so this episode was making fun of how insurance companies care more about money than they care about you.  the only thing i know about mark twain is that his name is mark twain. i have only heard of him but never looked at what he does.  after looking at some of his work, i know his style of writing is to reveal the gritty and sometimes uncomfortable reality of the 19th century.    i found out that he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which i know is a very famous book…but i have never read. i heard we read it this year though.  something i found interesting about mark twain is that  He was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens on November 30, 1835 in the town of Florida, Missouri. That was two weeks after halley’s comet appeared in its closest approach to the Earth. also  During his trip to the Mediterranean, he met his future brother-in-law who, in turn, introduced him to his future wife, Olivia Langdon. He was married within a few short years to Olivia. Through his wife’s family he was able to meet many famous people. Her family was wealthy and had liberal views on many issues of the day. and one last thing i found out about him that i found interesting was Twain was introduced to leaders including abolitionists, socialists, atheists and political activits. In his life, Twain was very outspoken on issues such as slavery, racism and animal cruelty. He incorporated many of his liberal ideas into his writing. and my favorite was that he loved cats and wanted them around him all the time.