so far  i really like the film. although it was really slow in the beginning, i still liked the little details. i think the acting is really good, and all the little details in the background are great. for example, the flowers and hair of the lady in the painting are the exact same as Madeline, which show you that she thinks she is the lady in the painting. but that makes me think she’s loco. also, the friend of scotty, her acting  think is really good because you can how she feels for him. you can tell she still really cares for him even tho she broke off the engagement and he totally friend zoned her.  i hate that he’s starting to like madeline… she’s married.midge is my favorite character in the movie because she is the most relatable for girls. she loved scotty more than he loved her. and now she still loves him but she’s totally in the friend zone. another thing i liked was, you have to listen carefully,  was when scotty and Madeline were in the woods and they were looking at a map, Madeline say “he i was born, and er i died.”  i liked this because obviously she isn’t dead so it shows that she thinks she is actually possessed.  the only thing i hated about the movie is that the words are off from the lips, when scotty is driving he wheel is not turning enough for what is happening in the background, and it was just kinda boring in the beginning. so far from what i’ve gotten from the movie i think madeline will end up killing herself and scotty will do the same. that’s it… no happy ending. i can’t really critique this movie yet because not much has happened to give me “virtigo” but what has happened i think it will get there.