in the beginning of reading this i was so confused and didn’t understand a thing it was saying. and then when we went over the first section i did not understand how my teacher was getting what he said we got. like you have to go soooo deep into it to a point it doesn’t even makes sense on how you got that. but i guess in the end some did make somewhat sense. i wish that he didn’t make it so hard to understand, because things that sound like a one night stand should simple mean a one night stand.  i think section 52 was the most interesting because throughout the whole poem he was preaching about the society being productive and to watch yourself, but he was doing the complete opposite.  but he also realizes he’s going to die soon. i feel like its amazing when people realize that they’re going to die soon and they need to change, eve though they should’ve done it years ago. he says this poem is his legacy and you can find him in this poem. because other poets now a days are basing their poems off this one, and that it influence people who reads this to make a better society and when we read this poem we are at the age of adults asking us “who are you?” or “what do you want to do the rest of your life?” it helps them understand what they should to do, makes this the most influential poem in american literature. some questions i have for him are : did he write this poem because he was lost himself as well? was the way he was living true, or was it just something he said he did? if someone asked me if they read this i would tell no unless you’re really smart and know how to pull apart a poem extremely well. i don’t think the poem is worth reading because it’s so hard to understand, and if you don’t understand what he truly is saying then it’s completely different.