the book i read was “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks. i decided to read this because i saw the movies and it’s one of my favorite, so i decided to give the book a shot. i actually really enjoyed it. i liked how the book went back and forth between luke and Sophia’s story, and Ira and Ruth’s story. i really liked Ira and Ruth story more because they had more of a struggle between war, the depression, and eventually not being able to have kids of their own.  the reason i didn’t like Luke’s and Sophia’s story as much was because it was more drama rather than problems. they were both too selfish for each other in the beginning. And i really hated Sophia’s ex boyfriend, Brian. he’s that typical rich parent, frat jerk. he was obsessed with making sure sophia didn’t move on, but that’s why i liked Luke. he was a true gentleman when it came to that. and when it comes to love story (which i know people hate the cliche love story) i actually that this was really great because it was somewhat relatable. we all are selfish at some point in our life, and especially in a relationship. this book shows how both couple overcome that. i think the Luke would be most relatable to people play sports because he was dedicated to bull riding. he was so dedicated that continued to ride, even though it could kill him. he was injured really badly before and if he continued to ride it would kill him. well with athletes i think they know that pain. many will continue to play even when they are injured, and when the doctor say we can’t play anymore it’s the worst feeling.the character i felt bad for the most was Ruth. this is because she had the leave her family back in Europe because of World War Two and Hitler. then later in her life after she got married to Ira, she tried to get pregnant and that’s all she wanted, she couldn’t because Ira was no longer fertile. then she started tutoring this boy that had a bad family. she grew a strong bond with the boy and fell in love with like a real son, but when she tried to adopt him she couldn’t. and then she ended her life with lung cancer. now tell me how you would like to have her life. God bless Ira for being able to keep her going.  the thing i liked about this book was that it talked about World War Two. and typically i don’t like reading books that include this war because it’s very depressing, and i already read stuff on this in school. but for some reason, this book made it different. i think it was because it didn’t completely focus on it but it was enough to acknowledge it. i also liked that they were able to connect the two relationships together buy luke and sophia being the ones to find ira and then taking the letters to the destination ira was on his way to when he crashed. and then they turned all their art into an exhibit, making sophia and luke’s relationship work. sophia got her art exhibit, and luke being able to continue to ride. the book had a very good ending i think. i really liked this book and if you’ve seen the movie then i really recommend you to give the book a shot. i promise you’ll like it. even if you hate Nicholas Sparks, it’s his best i think.