the topic i got was on refugees and i’m arguing that the united states should allow them in. My personal preference on this topic is that we should allow them in. This is because they are trying to escape from a place that they lost everything to and need their family safe. The things i know prior to research are; they are coming from places like Seria. They are escaping war where their homes are being bombed, families are being killed, and they’re county is in a civil war. many americans don’t want them coming in because they think they’ll be letting ISIS members in, which isn’t true. now i’ll be honest, i don’t know if any of those things i just said are true or not because i’m not very updated on this topic.  the things i got when i did a google search were things like “Hungarian Prime Minister: Refugees? Try Muslim invaders.” and  “Refugees are ‘Muslim Invaders’ not running for their Lives, says Hungarian PM.” the way i plan to approach this topic in a logical is knock down all of the fake reasons for not letting them in. and bring it back to the truth. an ethical issue regarding this topic is, wouldn’t we want to be let in for being refugees if we were at war, or maybe take it to why we would be endangering our country if we let the wrong person in. some emotions that could be brought in play are sadness, guilt, other emotions that you would use while convincing your mom your family needs a new pet but you know we really don’t. P.S. i don’t know if any of this is right, but i can win arguments with all lies by just making you think you’re wrong so i’m gonna hope for the best with this 🙂