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Month: January 2018


we argue everyday. for me everyday a friend and i argue on who’s right and who’s wrong, each time we both think we’re right, but we know only one truly is right.  everyone argue about everything; it could be about politics, sports and which team is the best, or which sport is truly is better, school, and something totally random like where something is at. We argue in a way that is not backed up with facts. it’s just what we know off the top of our heads. for example a friend and i argued about where West Point was. i was telling her it was in New York, and she was saying it was in Virginia or something like that. then when we got a teacher that was in the military say i was right with it being in New york, she still said i was wrong. i feel like i try to stay away from arguments i don’t really know unless i truly think i know what i’m talking about. i feel adults aren’t much different from us kids. they think they are right with everything. but they’re not. i actually think i’m more acknowledge than my dad. but whenever i say something or prove i am right he is still in denial. so i bring my mom out to be the real judge, and guess what, she say i’m right. what a shocker right? so i think everyone needs a lesson on how to debate because we are all nieve and can’t prove why we are right, we all fight like baby. it goes like this; “i’m right!” “no ‘m right!”. well my favorite argument maybe was jacob’s and makayla. i think i only liked this because someone got totally roasted. i didn’t think there were many good debates at all. maybe they would have been good if we got to pick topics we actually agreed on and were interested in. it would have been more natural to do then and people could’ve actually argued. plus people did bad in cross examinations because they didn’t know how to answer it, or they would answer it with something their real opinion was.

blog something

my original side for my debate was that refugees should be allowed in the US. my opinion is still the same because during the debate my research just showed more reasons why they should be allowed in.

the most interest fact i found in my research was that refugees could actually help our economy grow by pushing the americans to the higher paying jobs. this is interesting because all you hear people say is that the will just use us for benefits and take our jobs. i did not know this fact before my research. it should be interesting to others because they are exposed to the same thought i was before my research. i found my information from issues and controversies which is on the library page.

the emotion part of my debate was that they are prone to have mental health problems because they are exposed to war, rape, and torture. this activates emotions because when americans hear of stories with people with mental health problems, been raped, or tortured we instantly feel sorry for them. i think my debate is more emotional because it was hard finding stuff that wasn’t opinionated for both sides.

this debate is ethically important because it is the right thing to help others when they need it. ethics pop up in my debate when you look back to see if it is good to let them in.  the one thing that can beat my debate ethically is “for the greater good” it’s good to help, unless it will hurt a bigger group.  but ethically it is good when comes to fairness.

emotional is more important in my debate. emotional is used more throughout my debate, and it is used for both sides.  appeal to pitty is used the most in both arguments. this will affect my future debates by giving me experience and background.

i’ve learned that it is really hard to do a debate. it will make me make sure i am not using fallacies.

AR “Longest Ride”

the book i read was “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks. i decided to read this because i saw the movies and it’s one of my favorite, so i decided to give the book a shot. i actually really enjoyed it. i liked how the book went back and forth between luke and Sophia’s story, and Ira and Ruth’s story. i really liked Ira and Ruth story more because they had more of a struggle between war, the depression, and eventually not being able to have kids of their own.  the reason i didn’t like Luke’s and Sophia’s story as much was because it was more drama rather than problems. they were both too selfish for each other in the beginning. And i really hated Sophia’s ex boyfriend, Brian. he’s that typical rich parent, frat jerk. he was obsessed with making sure sophia didn’t move on, but that’s why i liked Luke. he was a true gentleman when it came to that. and when it comes to love story (which i know people hate the cliche love story) i actually that this was really great because it was somewhat relatable. we all are selfish at some point in our life, and especially in a relationship. this book shows how both couple overcome that. i think the Luke would be most relatable to people play sports because he was dedicated to bull riding. he was so dedicated that continued to ride, even though it could kill him. he was injured really badly before and if he continued to ride it would kill him. well with athletes i think they know that pain. many will continue to play even when they are injured, and when the doctor say we can’t play anymore it’s the worst feeling.the character i felt bad for the most was Ruth. this is because she had the leave her family back in Europe because of World War Two and Hitler. then later in her life after she got married to Ira, she tried to get pregnant and that’s all she wanted, she couldn’t because Ira was no longer fertile. then she started tutoring this boy that had a bad family. she grew a strong bond with the boy and fell in love with like a real son, but when she tried to adopt him she couldn’t. and then she ended her life with lung cancer. now tell me how you would like to have her life. God bless Ira for being able to keep her going.  the thing i liked about this book was that it talked about World War Two. and typically i don’t like reading books that include this war because it’s very depressing, and i already read stuff on this in school. but for some reason, this book made it different. i think it was because it didn’t completely focus on it but it was enough to acknowledge it. i also liked that they were able to connect the two relationships together buy luke and sophia being the ones to find ira and then taking the letters to the destination ira was on his way to when he crashed. and then they turned all their art into an exhibit, making sophia and luke’s relationship work. sophia got her art exhibit, and luke being able to continue to ride. the book had a very good ending i think. i really liked this book and if you’ve seen the movie then i really recommend you to give the book a shot. i promise you’ll like it. even if you hate Nicholas Sparks, it’s his best i think.

arguing that i’m right…or debating

the topic i got was on refugees and i’m arguing that the united states should allow them in. My personal preference on this topic is that we should allow them in. This is because they are trying to escape from a place that they lost everything to and need their family safe. The things i know prior to research are; they are coming from places like Seria. They are escaping war where their homes are being bombed, families are being killed, and they’re county is in a civil war. many americans don’t want them coming in because they think they’ll be letting ISIS members in, which isn’t true. now i’ll be honest, i don’t know if any of those things i just said are true or not because i’m not very updated on this topic.  the things i got when i did a google search were things like “Hungarian Prime Minister: Refugees? Try Muslim invaders.” and  “Refugees are ‘Muslim Invaders’ not running for their Lives, says Hungarian PM.” the way i plan to approach this topic in a logical is knock down all of the fake reasons for not letting them in. and bring it back to the truth. an ethical issue regarding this topic is, wouldn’t we want to be let in for being refugees if we were at war, or maybe take it to why we would be endangering our country if we let the wrong person in. some emotions that could be brought in play are sadness, guilt, other emotions that you would use while convincing your mom your family needs a new pet but you know we really don’t. P.S. i don’t know if any of this is right, but i can win arguments with all lies by just making you think you’re wrong so i’m gonna hope for the best with this 🙂

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