when hospitals and physicians merging it can be beneficial to the patients in many ways. they aren’t just doing it to suck your money out of your wallets.  One reason it is beneficial to you is that the merge can make it easier to share electronic records systems, coordinate care of patients, and eliminate redundant costs. Also in addressing the persistent problem of variation in health care practice and outcomes, particularly in surgery. although some surgeons are not in favor of merging because they think they are telling them how to do their surgery, it really isn’t that way. They want to help improve the surgery by teaching them a better way to improve their skills in doing specific procedures, differentiate their practices, and clear the new volume bars.  Merging is the right thing to do because when hospitals merge it improves efficiency, access to care, quality of care, and less expenses for you. When a smaller hospital merges with a larger, better-equipped hospital system, patients at the smaller hospital may acquire better access to specialists and to advanced medical technologies, such as high tech imaging procedures and electronic medical record systems. If hospitals could not develop to be better, your kids and other love ones may not be able to get better when they are sick. Surgeons who fall below the specified volume bar for a given procedure — and who wish to continue doing that procedure — are eligible for proctoring, other remediation, or both through the Focused Professional Practice Evaluation, a companion Joint Commission requirement. Others are expected to stop performing the procedure.Umbrella mergers offer the potential to maintain and control each practice’s identity. You supervise your staff, keep your own practice style, and maintain your own accounting and overhead structure while merging certain processes in a way that creates beneficial business opportunities. If surgeons weren’t supervised, incidents like the 180,000 patients in 2010 that died from some cause contributed from bad hospital care, would continue to happen and even possibly grow.  Imagine the pain those family members went through. John T. James can tell you his pain after his 19 year old son died from hospital negligent. on the business side of the merge, often, buying an existing practice is less risky than starting from scratch. When a practice is acquired, usually it is already generating cash flow and profits. And the hospital they bought will already have patients and a reputation, helping them bring in a cash flow. With being a bigger hospital, they will have more room negotiating with how much you can pay. so as you can see, merging hospitals and physicians is the best for you and you can really benefit from it.