so i already knew i was perfect because we are all human, and according to different people meet, you will not appear perfect to every… single…person…you meet. but from wednesday to sunday i tried to be perfect in according to the great man BF(Ben Franklin). and it ended exactly how i thought! i wasn’t perfect, but i don’t care because i’m happy with who i am. now there were ones right away i knew i would fail miserably in: order, industry, and technology were ones i messed up every day on because my room is always messy from  clothes not being put away, i NEED my relaxing time otherwise i’ll have a mental breakdown, and technology because my phone is my life. other ones that weren’t completely bad, but still were awful were: temperance and moderation. b ut my best ones were silence, resolution, sincerity, justice, cleanliness, tranquility, humility, and independence.  i think i did good on these because i’ve tried to do better on not telling people they are stupid, wrong, or annoying. like the other day at lunch i was called a racist name that’s towards chinese people and i decided to flip out on them because i knew i was a better person than them and have more knowledge than them. also i’m very clean with my hygiene, i take showers every night, brush my teeth twice a day, and constantly put on deodorant.  but i feel like i’m breaking the whole humble idea right now because i’m tell you everything i did right…oh well. i also did well prioritizing because i love being around my family and my boyfriend’s family, which is basically my other family already.  like saturday i slept over at my sister’s apartment because i missed her and we haven’t slept in the same house in awhile. and then the next day i spent the day doing lots of Christmas stuff with my boyfriend’s family. we went to get a christmas tree, baked cookies, decorated, and then we all watched classic christmas movies, we even were able to get his brother and his girlfriend to watch them with us.