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Month: November 2017

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i thought the poem was okay after reading it a few times. the first time i read it i was so confused on what it was about. i had to read two or three times and read each of the allusions a few times to fully understand what he was trying to tell. once i understood what it was about i started to kinda like it. do not get me wrong it was not my favorite, but it was kinda interesting. i liked the way he wrote the poem. instead of writing it in the regular form of having it centered  and regular stanza forms, he had it on the left side like a story, and for important parts he pushed to the right more to separate it. some questions i have the poems are; where did  you get the idea for this poem?  why did you not write in the regular stanzaic for?  why do you feel like society is falling? also why did you use lines from other poems to use as your allusions, couldn’t you of come up with your own because what if someone didn’t get that they were from another poem? and why did you chose only rhyme a few words? i think this poem is about the downfall of society. i think it is about the downfall of society because he says the rain is washing the world, and he can not do anything but let fate happen. also once you finally understand what the allusions are about, the begin to push you to the idea that the theme is the downfall of society.  i think the allusions ” dynamo of night ,” “Thoreau’s quiet desperation,” “Reliant self,” and “Thunder” and “Eliot’s Thunder” are the most important because they really help develop the theme of the poem. they all have the same thing in common,  society is not doing everything they can to be happy and it brings their lives and society down. I actually really liked the allusions because they developed the theme so well and the theme is so relatable to today because people are extremely lazy and are ruining our world.

my experience with poetry…

I absolutely hate poetry. I hate writing it, I hate reading it, and I REALLY hate analyzing it. oh also to get started on this rant of why I hate poetry, the first poem I wrote I thought it was really good and it would please the annoying teacher but instead it got me sent to the guidance office because they thought I was depressed. Although I did do free verse because it was super easy to write since I didn’t need rhyme, until I found out we needed at least four lines to rhyme…  And it wasn’t just me, it happened to another kid. When I had to write the second one it was so hard trying to figure out rhyme and get the same amount of syllable, and something that didn’t get me sent to the guidance while sticking to the same theme. I eventually gave up and just tried to get even syllables. And the complexity of poems is so hard that it’s like a riddle and there so stupid. I hated poems before and I hate them even more now. When we first started doing poems I thought it would be easy to do, you know like green eggs and ham stuff. But then he got into it and it became so hard. Do you realize how long it took me to did my first poem analysis? 3 hours! I couldn’t figure out what my poem was about and then I realized it was the 7th poem of 11 poems that were all connected to make one big poem! Oh and were not allowed to write about Christmas either because he hates Christmas. But what are we supposed to do when our minds are only focused on Christmas and Thanksgiving break? I don’t mind reading the poems, as long as we don’t have to fill out this long ass paper to analyze it because it feels like busy work, and I don’t have time or mental space for that right now. But I will admit we have read some good poems in class, like Eldorado and The Raven.


The book I decide to read for AR was called “Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between.” I decided to ready this because the story is about a high school couple deciding whether they should stay together or breakup when they are separated during college, and I feel that will happen with my boyfriend and I if he decided to go to ECU for college.  Throughout the story I felt it was hard to connect with Clare because she seemed cold hearted, and didn’t really want to try to make things, whereas if that was me in that situation I would try to make it work and if it wasn’t meant to be then I’d breakup. I also didn’t think her reasons were good enough to end a 2 year long relationship, and if her plan was to break up from the start then for her to drag it out this long was just cruel to Aiden because he truly loved her and wanted to make it work so badly.  She also made it all about her, even when Scotty was in jail. Aiden I felt he was more relatable because he wanted to make it work and his way to make the situation better was to make jokes about everything. Also i could relate to Aiden because his dad had a dream of him playing lacrosse at Harvard, whereas my dad wants me to play softball at Bloomsburg. Their two best friends, Stella and Scotty, I thought were just interesting characters that put humor into the story. Stella was a spunky outcast and Scotty was a jokster that was totally dumb.

I felt that story was hard to understand because it was written in a third person past tense that was unfamiliar.  Sometimes I wouldn’t notice that they were in a flashback and then would get everything confused. But as soon as I realized it I loved the flashback more than the real time. I think if you are looking for a light romantic read this is the perfect book.  But I did think it’s a little too cheesy. Clare made a big deal about the long distant relationship idea and made it seem impossible, even though there’s so much technology that could make it bearable.  And i don’t think that ONE night could decide that big decision. i think already had it made up before and this was just a night to relive high school one more night before they are officially college students. I also thought the plot was kinda pointless, when I got to the end i felt like nothing had happened. They ended up breaking up and start a clean slate when the got to college. I could have read the first two chapters and figured that out! As badly as i wanted them together, I knew Clare’s stubbornness and Aiden’s love for her would get in the way.  as badly as I wanted o like this story i couldn’t because it was so pointless and not a great love story. In fact there was no real love in the story.  It was just like any other high school relationship where they stay together for so long, get into stupid fight at high school parties, and then breakup because they don’t need the other person anymore because the are moving on to bigger better thing, so  they think and that’s not what I wanted. I wanted a good sappy TRUE love story. I mean it’s a book, you could literally write about anything, it doesn’t have to be true. So if I had to tell if you should read this story or not, I would say don’t waste your time. Read the “Notebook” instead.

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