The six word story I picked was “as she fell, her mind wandered.” by Rebecca Miller. I chose this story because I could think of a story to build off of it instantly and I could flow with to write.  I also felt that I could make it into a story that people enjoyed but could take a lesson from. My idea for this story came from a country song I used to listen to. The song is call “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks.  My story was developed by using the idea of a young girl marrying a man that ends up being abusive to her soon after the are married. When her friend finds her in the hospital after a beating from earl, she decides that they have to say “goodbye” to him. The six word story helped develop the story with the idea of her falling when he hits her to the ground and as she was falling she begins thinking of how different her life could be if she did was she wanted to without a man controlling her. One thing I changed from my outline was the date; I decided the 20s was not modern enough for my story so I decided to go with the 60s. I wanted a generation that would be modern, but still follows strict rules made by society. The 60s was the start for more diversity. There were events that protest began to happen in the 60s for equality, like the Day of Rage. the day of rage was a day that people went to smash stores to show they wanted equality. I also changed how my main character would choose her fate at the end to be. I didn’t think she needed to follow society and so she won’t get remarried.  At first I wanted my character end with a happy normal life in the end, but after reading how people in the 60s became rebellious I decided i wanted her to part of that. So in all it took a lot thinking about how i wanted my story to connect with the 6 words on a darker meaning with rule breaking of the time.