My first week of school was mostly what I expected. the first day or two we went through whole sch-peel of who we are, what we did over the summer, what our favorite things are, and then what we will do during the school year.  One thing i did not like and had to get used to was having like 3 different quizzes in 3 different classes. But i decided to take more honor classes this year and that’s why i have so many quizzes. One thing I’m happy about this week though, I get to see my friends again. During the presentations I learned that there’s a lot of people that are into the mechanical stuff. I didn’t think there were too many kids in my school that liked that kind of stuff because I figured if they were, they would just go to Vo-Tech to get an early start on their education in it.  Now I’m a huge fan of the show Grey’s Anatomy. The show is probably the number one reason I want to go into the medical field. I know most of the episodes have cases that are extremely rare, like having a tumor almost half the size of yourself, and all the drama is so cleshay but i love it. my favorite episode was “Flight”. A handful of the surgeons were on a plan going to a convention when their plane went down. when the plane crashed two surgeons were able to walk and look for everyone else but was still hurt and very confused, the sister to Meredith Grey got stuck under a piece of the plane and ended up dying, Derek got his hand smashed under debris, which is important because he is a neurosurgeon and a steady and is key.  Arizona had her bone sticking out, which was ironic because her wife was an ortho surgeon, and later had to have her leg amputated. then Mark Sloan had died at the hospital after was taken off life support. the part of the episode that made me cry was when Lexie (Meredith Grey’s sister) died, because she was the love of Mark’s life and she died right in front of him. So that was basically that episode of Grey’s Anatomy.