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Goodbye Earl

The six word story I picked was “as she fell, her mind wandered.” by Rebecca Miller. I chose this story because I could think of a story to build off of it instantly and I could flow with to write.  I also felt that I could make it into a story that people enjoyed but could take a lesson from. My idea for this story came from a country song I used to listen to. The song is call “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks.  My story was developed by using the idea of a young girl marrying a man that ends up being abusive to her soon after the are married. When her friend finds her in the hospital after a beating from earl, she decides that they have to say “goodbye” to him. The six word story helped develop the story with the idea of her falling when he hits her to the ground and as she was falling she begins thinking of how different her life could be if she did was she wanted to without a man controlling her. One thing I changed from my outline was the date; I decided the 20s was not modern enough for my story so I decided to go with the 60s. I wanted a generation that would be modern, but still follows strict rules made by society. The 60s was the start for more diversity. There were events that protest began to happen in the 60s for equality, like the Day of Rage. the day of rage was a day that people went to smash stores to show they wanted equality. I also changed how my main character would choose her fate at the end to be. I didn’t think she needed to follow society and so she won’t get remarried.  At first I wanted my character end with a happy normal life in the end, but after reading how people in the 60s became rebellious I decided i wanted her to part of that. So in all it took a lot thinking about how i wanted my story to connect with the 6 words on a darker meaning with rule breaking of the time.

fair week

Fair week was great because I got all the great fair food I wanted. I also found a stand that had frozen sweet tea and it was amazing! I decided I’m definitely gonna need to go to the gym to lose all the calories I ate this week. But there was one day I wished never happened. It all started when I got called into work and had to deal with the daycare kids, which may I mention they are satan’s children. Then when I got out of work I was super hungry, so I decided to go to Mcdonalds; the problem with that was I have to ask my parent to go anywhere and I didn’t this time. The problem started when I was at a stop light right after I left Mcdonald’s, when the light turned green my car wouldn’t move! I hit the gas pedal and nothing would happen, I tried turning my car off then back on, I tried putting in park then back in drive. Nothing would work for me.  Finally I decided I needed to call my dad… that was scary. When he answered the phone my voice was shaky. I told him my car wouldn’t move and the first thing he asked me was who gave you permission to go to Mcdonald’s, and right after i told him no one gave me permission that’s when a mechanic came up to my window to ask if i needed help. My first thought was ” really Lord? You decided to wait till after I called my dad to give me help?” The mechanic told me to put it in neutral and then back in drive, it worked on the first tried. I got back on the phone with my dad and told him it was working again. When I got home I had to give my keys to my mom. I couldn’t drive my car back for a couple of days and i got a whole lecture on how lying will get me nowhere with them. The lesson everyone should take from this don’t lie to your dad because they’ll find out sooner or later and it’s not easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

blog 3

How can someone love another person if they completely forget who they are the next day? Well in 50 First Dates that’s exactly what Lucy does.  The theme in the movie is that you can make love happen as long as you work for it. The movie takes place in hawaii between two people, Lucy and Henry, who have to overcome an obstacle that is making it difficult for them to love each other. They get help from their friends Ula, Doug, Sue, and many more .since the movie’s presentation has unity it helps to understand the theme.

There were many things to help develop the theme that you cake love happen as long as you work for it. The setting of the movie help develop the theme by using what is called “milieu”. Henry was guy that was not into commitment, until he saw Lucy at the cafe while eating breakfast one day. After that he spent days trying to get her attention. The characters themselve also help develop the theme.  Henry is a protagonist, which means he helps carry out the theme, he does this by doing everything he can to, one, get her attention, and two, get her to remember him the next day. to get her attention he goes as far as making a penguin walk out in front of her car, and have his friend beat him so she’ll pull over. When he finally gets her attention she agrees to going to get coffee at the cafe with him. then he has to figure out how to get her to remember him. Lucy’s family usually made sure that she never found out about memory loss by making sure she goes throughout her day like it was october 13, but after finding out about Henry they decide to tell he what had happen. This is how the minor characters help Henry develop the theme. Then Henry reminds Lucy everyday who he is to her and her family backs his story up so she doesn’t think he’s lying. Also Lucy is a protagonist and her memory loss is the antagonist.  Lucy’s memory is the antagonist because it’s what’s stopping Lucy from loving henry. Lucy herself though works everyday to remembering henry. when it comes to a point though she feels she’s holding him back and decides to breakup with Henry because she feels she’s holding back from something so much better. In the end they get back together and make a plan where Henry makes a video for Lucy to watch every morning reminding who he is, that they love each other, they are married, and have a child together.  lastly that presentation of the movie helped develop the theme. the movie was in third person omniscient which gave us sides from all the characters. we could see that Henry was not used to loving someone but he truly loved Lucy so he worked for it, Lucy didn’t know she could love someone if she couldn’t remember him but she found a way to, and their friends and family members wanted to help to make Lucy happy for once. so as you can see


week 2

The notes for elements of a story were the same as all the other ones I’ve had to do over the years. The only thing I was told that was different was what the protagonist and antagonist are. Before teachers had told me that the protagonist was the good guy and the antagonist was the bad guy, but the new definition was that the protagonist was the thing that carries out the story and the antagonist was the thing that opposes the protagonist. It doesn’t really make me change the way I look at a story though because in a way the antagonist is still going against the protagonist. But it does help give me more of an understanding of who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist when it isn’t so obvious like Batman is the good guy and the Joker is the bad guy.

Now about week two… it felt the same except it was worse because we added a Monday. Mondays are seriously the worst day of the week. It goes so long because we had two days off and then BAM we go back to the carousel that never ends. I think I would enjoy school more if it didn’t feel like we were on a carousel that ended, and the reason I call it a carousel is because everyday we do the same thing as the day before with a little bit of a modification just like if you were on the ride. On the ride you see the same setting and the only thing different is that there will be new people. But the highlight of my week was Friday. Yes Friday was my highlight, just like every other person in this school. I got to leave my backpack in my car and ignore my work for a little bit, then I went to the tailgate before i got to see southern destroy bloom. Honestly I didn’t care that we lost because I still had fun just being with my friends.

week 1

My first week of school was mostly what I expected. the first day or two we went through whole sch-peel of who we are, what we did over the summer, what our favorite things are, and then what we will do during the school year.  One thing i did not like and had to get used to was having like 3 different quizzes in 3 different classes. But i decided to take more honor classes this year and that’s why i have so many quizzes. One thing I’m happy about this week though, I get to see my friends again. During the presentations I learned that there’s a lot of people that are into the mechanical stuff. I didn’t think there were too many kids in my school that liked that kind of stuff because I figured if they were, they would just go to Vo-Tech to get an early start on their education in it.  Now I’m a huge fan of the show Grey’s Anatomy. The show is probably the number one reason I want to go into the medical field. I know most of the episodes have cases that are extremely rare, like having a tumor almost half the size of yourself, and all the drama is so cleshay but i love it. my favorite episode was “Flight”. A handful of the surgeons were on a plan going to a convention when their plane went down. when the plane crashed two surgeons were able to walk and look for everyone else but was still hurt and very confused, the sister to Meredith Grey got stuck under a piece of the plane and ended up dying, Derek got his hand smashed under debris, which is important because he is a neurosurgeon and a steady and is key.  Arizona had her bone sticking out, which was ironic because her wife was an ortho surgeon, and later had to have her leg amputated. then Mark Sloan had died at the hospital after was taken off life support. the part of the episode that made me cry was when Lexie (Meredith Grey’s sister) died, because she was the love of Mark’s life and she died right in front of him. So that was basically that episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

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