Blog 14 (Book)

I believe the purpose of independent reading is to help people escape from reality and immerse someone into a fictional world that they can part of. As a school we should encourage kids to read more by giving some sort of incentive for student that read more books. The book I selected for my third quarter was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I heard a lot about the book and good it was, so I decided to read. I lie murder mystery books also, so that is also another reason I choose this book. I personally believe that the main character Robert Langdon is going figure out the codes he is confronted with and solve the mystery. My initial thought to the book is great because in the first chapter someone is already dead and there is a mystery. The problem with the whole idea of creating a book trailer is that most students don’t know where to start or how to actually create a trailer. I think you take at least two classes discussing how to edit and make a trailer. 

“Failed SAT, lost scholarship, invented rocket.”

I chose the six word short story by William Shatner. I chose this short stories because I like William Shatner as an actor and the quote was the only one that was interesting to me. The idea for my story is about a boy named Harold Dye in high school that is extremely smart, but could care what people think, so he doesn’t do half the work. At home he doesn’t have the best life because his mom died at an early age and his dad has been an alcoholic ever since. His brother is an drug addict and steals and is in and out of jail so many times it’s hard to count. The only time he ever feels happy or content is when he thinks of new things and put them to fruition. The story starts off with him getting his results for the SAT’s and they’re not what he was expecting. After this he gets home to find an email from MIT. It says I’m sorry but we have to decline your scholarship to this institution. At first Harold goes into a fit of rage and destroys most of everything in his room including a picture of his mother. After he sees that he has broke the picture he stops and cries. A few weeks pass and Harold realizes that he has no future in this world, so he contemplates suicide. He wonders who will miss him when he’s gone, but can’t think of anyone that will. During this time he hasn’t ate much and hasn’t gone out of the house except for school. His dad is always passed out and doesn’t care about what Harold does with his life as long as he stays out of his way. Over the news one day Harold hears about a competition. The competition is who ever can make the first reliable, self sustaining, viable rocket gets a 5 million dollar reward for it. That’s the general idea for the story right now.

My idea basically came the six word short story. I develop my story by first thinking of what the short story gave me. The first part was easy coming up with a character what he’s like, how he acts, and his thinking process. The six word short story basically gives you all that you need “failed SAT, lost scholarship, invented rocket.” It gave me a step by step story on which to follow.

My initial concept of the story hasn’t changed since I’ve began the story. Even when other people told me different because I don’t care about what they think I only care about what makes me happy.

Fair Week





Over fair week is a time for people to socialize with friends and other that they don’t regularly see in school. Fair week for me is a time to kick back and relax from all the stuff I have to do during school, Scouts, or sports. Not much conflict happened during Fair for me, but there was one thing that I should tell you. During the week a couple of my band members decided that they would like to break out of the band and form a duet by themselves. Me and my other band counterpart would love to keep the band together because we have made some pretty good “songs” that we all like. It all started when I was at home when I saw a post by the shared Instagram account. It said “Letterhead is going through some problems and may be completely disbanding.” This was the first time of me hearing about this, so I called one of my band members and asked who posted it. He said that it was Jacob that posted it. I was flipping out over this news because the band is a great thing that was a day brightener for me. After I spoke to my friend it turned out that drum set had been taken out of the garage that we practiced in. I was perturbed about this because my cymbals were with Mark’s set, so I don’t know if he took my cymbals or not. We were a new band, but fit together very well. All the conflicted that lead up to this post was that three out of the four of us wanted to changed the name of the band and genre that we played. The name Letterhead is being used by five other bands and we didn’t want to be the sixth. Back to fair week I meet up with one of the band members and talked about why he posted that. He said “that we needed to start agreeing on things before we became a band again. I agreed with him that we need to start agree on stuff, but we need to compromise on stuff. I then left and went to work at the Four-H auction. After that I heard nothing else about the subject. The lesson that I took away from this is that you should be able to compromise over things or your friends will no longer be your friends.

First Week

My first week of school consisted of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Golf season starting was probably the best thing that happened all week. The bad would have to be the work I received from some of my teachers. Last but not least is the ugly, this is a lot of things like during the first golf match I shot a 91 which is my worst score and Mr. Bressi leaving the school and the golf team. The only surprise I had encountered was the work load I got on the first day. I didn’t really have any new adjustments during this school year except the work load during the first week.

One thing that I learned during the presentations was the Jerry liked to work on cars and he liked to also ride four wheelers. Another thing that I learned was that Eric was really into politics and debating.

A story I really enjoyed was when Nightwing dies Injustice Gods among us. In this story line Nightwing,Robin (Damian Wayne), and the rest of the Insurgency were fighting in a jail to stop Superman and the Regime. I have to tell you the backstory first or this wouldn’t make any sense. In the Injustice Gods among us story line the Joker turns Superman evil for a time and makes him kill Lois Lane(his girlfriend) and when Superman realizes this he snaps and kills the Joker and forms this new team called the Regime. The Regime is consisted of villains and heroes and they take a much harsher approach to crime. When Batman hears about this he forms his own team called the Insurgency to combat Superman and his Regime. Superman finds out that Batman is keeping criminals in Arkham Asylum and he takes his Regime there to kill the criminals. Batman takes the Insurgency to stop him during his attack. During the fight the criminals are attacking both sides because they don’t know who is good and who is bad. Damian Wayne (Robin) takes a harsh approach to keeping the inmates back. He keep beating them when they were down and Nightwing said “Robin doesn’t beat people when they are down” and Robin’s response was ” Your not Robin anymore.” Then he threw his stick at him and it hit him in the head knocking him to the ground, breaking his neck and killing him. Damian was in shock by this and after it was over Batman said that Damian was no longer his son.