“Failed SAT, lost scholarship, invented rocket.”

I chose the six word short story by William Shatner. I chose this short stories because I like William Shatner as an actor and the quote was the only one that was interesting to me. The idea for my story is about a boy named Harold Dye in high school that is extremely smart, but could care what people think, so he doesn’t do half the work. At home he doesn’t have the best life because his mom died at an early age and his dad has been an alcoholic ever since. His brother is an drug addict and steals and is in and out of jail so many times it’s hard to count. The only time he ever feels happy or content is when he thinks of new things and put them to fruition. The story starts off with him getting his results for the SAT’s and they’re not what he was expecting. After this he gets home to find an email from MIT. It says I’m sorry but we have to decline your scholarship to this institution. At first Harold goes into a fit of rage and destroys most of everything in his room including a picture of his mother. After he sees that he has broke the picture he stops and cries. A few weeks pass and Harold realizes that he has no future in this world, so he contemplates suicide. He wonders who will miss him when he’s gone, but can’t think of anyone that will. During this time he hasn’t ate much and hasn’t gone out of the house except for school. His dad is always passed out and doesn’t care about what Harold does with his life as long as he stays out of his way. Over the news one day Harold hears about a competition. The competition is who ever can make the first reliable, self sustaining, viable rocket gets a 5 million dollar reward for it. That’s the general idea for the story right now.

My idea basically came the six word short story. I develop my story by first thinking of what the short story gave me. The first part was easy coming up with a character what he’s like, how he acts, and his thinking process. The six word short story basically gives you all that you need “failed SAT, lost scholarship, invented rocket.” It gave me a step by step story on which to follow.

My initial concept of the story hasn’t changed since I’ve began the story. Even when other people told me different because I don’t care about what they think I only care about what makes me happy.

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