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For my short story blog, I decided to chose “With bloody hands, I say good-bye.” by Frank Miller. I chose this because it gave me a heavy hearted feeling, why? I’m not sure. I feel as if there is a deep connection that ties between the words none of us know and will never understand. The general story behind these words that I think happened was he or she killed someone, or someone loved and gave deep feelings towards them and they betrayed him or her and what had to be done was done. Knowing that, he or she had to say goodbye and not necessarily in a good way. Also, another possibility I was thinking that could have happened was he or she killed someone, for that other loved person, for not having to feel the feeling of jealousy, an affair or another conflict could have tied between this but this is what I think may have happened or possibly did happen. This feeling developed from me because I have seen and watched many movies, TV shows, and books that have had this in it and revolveĀ  around it, but go deeper into detail within the story. This is why I feel so deeply about this quote, it feels so deep it could be true. My changing from concept to concept made my feelings/plot and how this story came together because it made my view on things change in many ways because of learning about plot development and character development. This changed because before I learned about everything in your class, I knew little to nothing about making and developing a story. By doing so now, I’m able to put story’s by just using quotes into full out growing and developing stories. This is my view on this short story quote and how it developed me.

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