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For my short story blog, I decided to chose “With bloody hands, I say good-bye.” by Frank Miller. I chose this because it gave me a heavy hearted feeling, why? I’m not sure. I feel as if there is a deep connection that ties between the words none of us know and will never understand. The general story behind these words that I think happened was he or she killed someone, or someone loved and gave deep feelings towards them and they betrayed him or her and what had to be done was done. Knowing that, he or she had to say goodbye and not necessarily in a good way. Also, another possibility I was thinking that could have happened was he or she killed someone, for that other loved person, for not having to feel the feeling of jealousy, an affair or another conflict could have tied between this but this is what I think may have happened or possibly did happen. This feeling developed from me because I have seen and watched many movies, TV shows, and books that have had this in it and revolve  around it, but go deeper into detail within the story. This is why I feel so deeply about this quote, it feels so deep it could be true. My changing from concept to concept made my feelings/plot and how this story came together because it made my view on things change in many ways because of learning about plot development and character development. This changed because before I learned about everything in your class, I knew little to nothing about making and developing a story. By doing so now, I’m able to put story’s by just using quotes into full out growing and developing stories. This is my view on this short story quote and how it developed me.

Blog 4


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Fair week for me was not too bad this year, but every year I seem to get more and more bored of it. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. The first three days I wasn’t working and I didn’t think I was gonna work at all, but my mom was pushing me to start working for a friend of our families starting Monday because they needed someone to help and I ended up working from Monday to Friday at a lemonade stand. I dint expect to have a lot of business because I thought it would be more cooler, but ended busy all day from Monday to Wednesday because of the incredible heat. The worst thing that happened during the week was on Tuesday because it was so hot and humid and it was senior citizens day so the elderly could get in for free. The only problem was that they were fainting. Yeah that’s right, people were fainting because it was too hot and not getting enough hydration. So my stand was constant lines and my stand doesn’t even have AC so you could only imagine me hurrying and dripping sweat. One thing that was a pain in the a** was trying to see my girl (Gwen) because she was also working but at a game stand and she lives in Danville so I would take any chance to see her. I had to change my shift hours each day because she wasn’t able to choose her hours so my “boss” was getting irritated and I just quit on Friday. Yes, i did get my money I worked for, which was only four hundred ten dollars. I didn’t regret quitting because I got to be with her all day on Saturday and I wasn’t feeling the vibes from that job at all. I don’t know if I will ever get a job from fair because most jobs there suck and I know that because I have worked all different types of jobs each year. Hopefully i will have a better fair week next year.

“Sleepless In Seattle”



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The theme of the movie, “Sleepless In Seattle”, is deciding to look for someone, that in ones mind is perfect, or deciding to stick with someone because they are logically compatible. I feel this is shown throughout the movie by both main characters. Annie longs for the ideal love that Sam has once had while Sam is longing for the ideal love that he lost with the death of his wife. Annie in the beginning of the movie seems to be settling for the obvious compatibility that she shares with her boyfriend, Walter. Things start changing when Walter wants to take things to the next level and asks Annie to marry him. Although the relationship makes perfect sense because of compatiblness, it lacks in the magicalness of the romance, causing her to doubt and think from her heart and not her mind. Sam’s son Jonah’s goal is for his father to have a new wife, he acts on this by calling a radio show and asks for advice. His action puts pressure on his father which makes conflict and ultimately pushes him to make a decision, but at the same time introduces both characters, Annie and Sam. Sam goes out on a few dates with the same women but the antagonist, Jonah, he’s his sites on Annie, who writes a letter to Sam in response to the radio talk show and wants to meet him in NYC on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. Jonah tries to sabotage his dad’s new relationship and calls into the radio station again. She is pulled by her quest for true love and fate and goes to Seattle to meet him. They see one another in the street but she gets nervous and goes back to Baltimore to Walter, her comfort but is pulled back by seeing the Empire State Building while sitting in a restaurant with Walter on Valentine’s Day. She chose her destiny and ran to see if Sam took a flight to find him and Annie was there. They met and held hands and it was as if they knew each other forever.

2 Weeks Later….


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When I was sitting at my seat just in my mind thinking about life, and things I’m going to be doing during the three day weekend. I did hear something interesting about a lot, if not most stories have similar or the same plots/meanings. For example, most Adam Sandler movies have the same plot, just different characters and settings. To be honest I thought I was the only one in a few people who kind of caught that stories have similar plots. Ever since I realized the truth about a lot stories I guess I have looked at them in a different way. Horror movies kind of helped me realize the truth about stories because I had a phase where I would constantly watch horror movies, whether it was old or new. They would always end in someone dying and either having a happy or bad ending. They just started to become too similar to me and especially Disney princess movies. Another example of similar plot stories were the Fast and Furious movie franchise. They always had the same thing going on. The main characters would be trying to rob banks and other people for money and race and fight against the bad guys and at the end would always escape. I’m not going to lie, it started to get boring but don’t get me wrong I still watch horror movies and Fast and the Furious movies. The second week of school went somewhat fast for me, but overall the two weeks of school seems like it’s been a month for me. The only thing that helps me get through the school days are the weekends, music, and the fair which is in almost two weeks. We didn’t get that much homework this week either which is good and my favorite class is probably gym. The only problem with gym is that I start to get tired at the end of the school day so it still isn’t so fun.

My First Week



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The first week of school was very tiring, only because I wasn’t used to going to bed earlier so I had trouble sleeping. I wouldn’t sleep till 1 or 2 a.m in the morning so if you saw me looking  stale during that week, that’s why.  Besides my sleep, school went well on the first week. Except the fact that my birthday was on the same day as the first day of school, but nothing went terrible or great, it was just there. My least favorite class would probably have to be chemistry because I’m just not good with that stuff. My favorite movie would probably have to be Pursuit Of My Happiness because of many reasons. One example it’s very motivating for anyone and the fact that its based on a true story makes it more meaningful, gives people hope and to not give up on your dreams. One cool thing about the movie was that the actual guy from the story walks by at the ending. The single life is hard for the father in the movie, Chris Gardner, such as, Will Smith, With being evicted from his apartment, he and his son, (Jayden Christopher Syre Smith) leave themselves with no place to go. Eventually, Chris is able to find himself a job as an intern at a prestigious brokerage firm,though the position pays absolutely no money. The two of them must go through living in the shelters, and will encounter many hardships. Although, Chris refuses to give up to create a better life for himself and his son. And throughout watching this movie is very meaningful in many ways, it shows how to not give up, to follow your dreams and the real love and or bond between father and son.  I learned that Aiden really likes fruit and video games.