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overall, huckleberry finn was not as painstakingly difficult to get through as i thought it would be, the only difficulty while reading was trying to read through the many, many paragraphs of jim speaking. i thought it was a little better than average, the ending seemed pretty abrupt and forced, but I’m pretty happy with the character development and how things worked out for huck and jim. yes, huck finn did a very good job at giving a satirical viewpoint on society, southern romanticism, hypocrisy and superstition. amongst other classic literature novels, this one is towards the top of the list because it kept me interested 95% of the time so yeah. the end, as previously stated, was a good outcome to me, i just didn’t like how twain kind of forced it to end like that, it kinda seemed like he got tired of writing this book and was like, “i feel like ending it here”, so then put in the whole tom confessing ms watson’s will and aunt polly magically appearing at the perfect moment and blah blah blah. i think it’s important for a modern reader to acknowledge the change in times and society in comparison to back then, because this book does display, although at times humorous, an accurate depiction of society back then. yes, i believe it does, especially at this time with the racial conflicts we have arising in our nation, which of course have existing for a long time, but with the issues of police brutality and gun violence it is receiving more media coverage.


our huck finn project is basically the office on huck finn steroids. we are using mark twain’s satirical outlook on society to create a mockumentary of the book using elements of southern romanticism, superstition and hypocrisy. we picked this project because making little short films is kind of our thing and it an interesting experience not only for us when we’re making it, but for people who watch the finished product. our goal is to put an enjoyable and entertaining twist on the satire of huck finn so that others can better understand the points twain is trying to make, through humour from the office as well.