in the three works Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, Anyone who lives in a pretty how town, and The Love Song, they all have similar themes in some way because they all say how we as a society can follow specific patterns and how we dont go out of our comfort zone. When reading this book I was trying to think of what I do and if this relates to me and it does I follow specific patterns everyday and i also dont like to get out of my comfort zone i just like to go with the flow and not do too many things that are uncomfortable. I also think that one of the themes has to do with being accepted and that in my opinion is why I think people dont go out of there comfort zones because they are too scared to do so and that is why people follow specific patters because they dont want to be looked down on by society. When reading “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” we read how the author talked about how he was alone and how he was considered an outsider in society he also feels lonely even when with a lot of people because he still feels like an outsider and feels like he dosnt fit in as well as he could. the poem that i can relate to the most and i see the most amount of people trying to act like is the love song poem because people try to act like people that they actually are not because they wanna fit in and really you shouldn’t do that you should fit in you should do what makes you happy and have fun and not have to follow the society norm like everyone thinks you should have too

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huck fin

When reading this book i personally thought that it was on of the better books that i have read during my high school years this book tho it did have some parts in it that annoyed me all in all it was a pretty decent book. If you actually took time to read the book i think that you definitely know it was better than expected because there was so many conflicts throughout the book that Huck and Jim had to deal with and it progressively got better throughout the book until Tom comes in with his terrible plan which that really annoyed me. I think that it definitely did accomplish the theme of the book, the main theme was southern Romanticism and you could find that throughout the book. This book is definitely one of the better books that I have read im not a big reader so haven’t read a ton of books but i thought that it was a good book and that it was definitely top 5 best ones. The last couple chapters for me were really annoying i think that Tom should have just done it the easy way and just got Jim out but he wanted to do it the hard way and then when Tom got shot i really didn’t feel bad because he did it to himself. i would definitely change how they tried to get Jim out but i would still let Tom get shot thats for sure. I think it still does in some ways because i think that black people at times can still be treated poorly and in the book slavery was a huge part obviously now a days its not as bad as slavery but at times it can be bad and you can only wonder why society is like that. Our Huck Fin project is gonna be changed a little due to the weather we were gonna do a movie and make that pretty cool but then it rained on Sunday so that was a no go so now were probably gonna have to do something boring like a slide show or something dumb so yeah that kinda sucked but what can you do. My goals for this is to at least get an 85 on it and hopefully its pretty good

Huck an jim

One of the important parts of the book is when Huck finds out that the Dauphin sold Jim to the Phelps family. I thought that this was a key part because Huck now knows that he cannot trust the Duke and Dauphin, Huck and Jim were already planning on ditching them the first chance they go and the Duke and Dauphin were having private discussion aboard the ship so I knew that they were planning to do something eventually. Another key part is when the Duke and Dauphin finally get caught and tarred and feathered. In these chapters we meet Sally and Silas who are the now owners of Jim. We find out that Sally and Silas actually turn out to be Tom Sawyers relatives. In this chapter Tom Sawyer now gets more development because we haven’t seen him and quite a few chapters and now he is back and we are hearing about his family and we are seeing that he is willing to help Huck get Jim out of  slavery once again. We know that the farm has many slaves on it. For the rest of the book i think that Huck and Tom is going to try and free Jim but i think that it will take more than one attempt for them to do so i think that the first time will not go as they plan for it to go. I think the plot line is going to have Jim escape and head north so slavery is not accepted as much up there and i think that he will get away with Jim and Huck both.


the author that i picked was Dan Simions so the reason that i picked this author is because he is one of the only authors that i have heard that isn’t taken yet so i picked him and im hoping that it was a good choice. He writes novels and i like how he does fiction books because i am not a fan of nonfiction books it also says he does american science fiction books and they sound like they would probably be pretty good books the three books that look the most interesting to me were The Terror this looks pretty good ive never heard of this book  but it sounds really good when i pick a book that will most likely be the one that i pick another two that i saw were Olympus and Hyperion these two books seem alright but i am really leaning towards The Terror. What i like about The Terror is i read that he is a great scary novel writer so im assuming that this has too be a good one and with the other two i was doing a little reading and the Olympus book looks like another good one because it is science fiction. Personally i dont know too much about this guy so i looked him up and he is 70 years old so he obviously an old school writer and he makes great books it seems to me. He also won the Hugo award for best novel so he definitely has something going for him there.

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So far i have been reading this book called adventures of huckleberry and im not a fan of it to be honest it may just be the fact that i dont like to read tho because i think the way the book is set up is good i just dont like to waste all my time reading it but in this blog im gonna tell you a couple things that i liked about it i liked how i like that Huck dosnt go to school when hes tired he dosnt go to school when hes tired because it make him happy to not have to go to school. I think that is funny because when im tired i wish that i could not have to go to the school and just stay at home all day if i was tired. When reading this book it is definitely better than i expected because i had low expectations for this book i thought it was gonna be whose than what it was because i dont ever have a good mindset on reading because i hate doing it. Another thing that i found pretty crazy was how they would tell the kids that if they ever told anyone about there secrets or they would be killed they actually would never kill the kids but it made them think that they would actually kill them so that made them never say anything to anyone about anything because they were too scared that they were gonna be killed and that scared the kids too much so now no one ever said anything. So im gonna pick back up on this book here in a little and im gonna guess theres gonna be another blog here pretty soon then i will tell you some more about this book when that comes.


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So far in reading this story it is an okay because there was a lot of humor to make people feel stupid throughout which i  thought was funny. at first when i was reading this i was quite confused because i had no idea what was going on i couldn’t tell if he was actually trying to make fun of anyone at the time. The use of satire and humor they basically the whole story they made fun of the town and most of the people in the town.

The third quarter AR in my opinion was pretty good it was better than having to write a blog it took longer than writing a blog but it was a lot more fun and more too the point. i enjoyed making my own little movie trailer i think that we should do the same thing for the 4th marking period aswell. It didn’t affect how i read the book i just read it and with what i remembered from reading i put some of the key points in there.

The first chapter of the book is okay i dont think i would read the book if i didnt have too but i dont have much of a choice but i think that the book will keep us guessing through out and im hoping that in the end it is a good read.


My experience with satire isn’t too much ive never watched much family guy or shows like that that use satire in nearly every skit. But i have watched Saturday night live a few times and i have always laughed when watching them because they are always mimicing something. My type of humor would be something more like self-deprecating the type of people that do that are like Kevin Hart he is one of my favorite comedians this is example of something that i like to watch because it is a funny skit. I honestly dont really know who Mark Twain is to be honest ive heard of him but i really dont know who he is. After doing a little research i found out that he was a writer and a humorist he was also a entrepreneur. I find interesting that he did so many things in his life including how he was a professional writer and he also wrote many books and was looked up too by a lot of people and he was a very influential


Right now we are half way through the movie “Vertigo” and so far its been pretty good. Obviously this movie inst as good as a modern day film but still its a good movie for its time. So far i have liked how they are setting up the film with him following the girl and she goes to the grave and that one didn’t really stick out to me but then once she went to the Art Gallery it kinda hit me when I saw how her hair was done and then the flowers then I thought to myself that this is the girl that died that is at the cemetery. To be honest tho I really have no idea if what im saying is 100% accurate because maybe there is going to be a twist that i am just missing.  The predictions that i have is that the girl that she was looking at in the cemetery is her and that girl is being possessed because i feel like at this point that is the only option that she is possessed because she is looking at everything this girl did like the picture and she is basing her life around what the person that is dead like the flowers and the hair which i find kinda weird and she is going to that hotel a lot and then when the detective was trying to look for her she was somehow just randomly gone and at this point in the movie i just cant put my finger on what is going on. I feel like this film was most definitely successful in its premise i feel like it was because it is actually a good film for current day it was probably a lot better back then too and will be better for years to come.

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Song of myself

In this poem Walt Wittman probably confused most people when they started to read this and they can understand what is going on but really this is a great poem he is trying to show people how he lived and how he connected with nature and the divine. In this poem my favorite section was 52 the reason that i liked this one so much is because Walt knows that he is about to be on his death bed he knows that the end of his life is near. In these last lines he is still saying that he still isn’t a perfect person. The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he complains of my gab
and my loitering. this is saying that nature is mad at him for not doing anything to make people different but he is just sitting writing about it which in my opinion it did help because people that read this can realize how they should act from reading this and it can make them change there life and try to make it more like how Walt tried to live his life.  In this poem he said no one can be as good as god once but that we were supposed to try our best and do good things and follow some basic rules of nature in this poem it reflects society because people now try and act like this and they try and be the best they can but they arnt always that but like Walt said no one can be perfect. In this poem there is a lot that confuses me but one I depart as air, I shake my white locks at the runaway sun, I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags. i cant quite figure out what this line means quite yet. if i had to rate this poem i would give it a 7/10 because it is a good poem but it is really confusing i feel like you need too be in your feels to read this poem because its so confusing in my opinion. Image result for song of myself

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the purpose of civil disobedience is to have change among the people when we need change people can go and try to protest the government and have change and reform to the government i think that it is a good thing i think that when there is protest it can seriously help the government and the people get what they need in my opinion we need the government to listen too us and the only way is to protest and get our voice heard by the government i think that when protesting it needs too be peaceful and if there are riots no one ever looks at the actual issue they only look at all of the damage that you make throughout the town but if you have a peaceful protest and the government reacts irrationally then you have a story to say and you have some ground to stand on and they can get more national attention if someone were to get a decently harsh punishment or were treated unfairly then they could get so much more attention from global attention.  A government that i would be good with following is the one we have i think that the government that we have now is good and works very well i think one thing that i dont like about it is the fact how the school have so much power i think that they have way too much power the the state gives them where they can punish us for protesting something and using our rights as Americans i think that a lot of times that schools take it too far i think that they should not be able to punish kids for something that DIRECTLY affect the kids i just dont understand that other than that i cant find too much wrong about our government. i think a lot of times that the civil obedence helps because it helps to have peaceful protest and i also think with these protest it can help a lot because your voice is heard but no one is getting hurt and nothing bad is happening to anyone. it is one of the most affective thing and it is affective because a lot of times they have strength in numbers when they have so many supporters.