huck fin

When reading this book i personally thought that it was on of the better books that i have read during my high school years this book tho it did have some parts in it that annoyed me all in all it was a pretty decent book. If you actually took time to read the book i think that you definitely know it was better than expected because there was so many conflicts throughout the book that Huck and Jim had to deal with and it progressively got better throughout the book until Tom comes in with his terrible plan which that really annoyed me. I think that it definitely did accomplish the theme of the book, the main theme was southern Romanticism and you could find that throughout the book. This book is definitely one of the better books that I have read im not a big reader so haven’t read a ton of books but i thought that it was a good book and that it was definitely top 5 best ones. The last couple chapters for me were really annoying i think that Tom should have just done it the easy way and just got Jim out but he wanted to do it the hard way and then when Tom got shot i really didn’t feel bad because he did it to himself. i would definitely change how they tried to get Jim out but i would still let Tom get shot thats for sure. I think it still does in some ways because i think that black people at times can still be treated poorly and in the book slavery was a huge part obviously now a days its not as bad as slavery but at times it can be bad and you can only wonder why society is like that. Our Huck Fin project is gonna be changed a little due to the weather we were gonna do a movie and make that pretty cool but then it rained on Sunday so that was a no go so now were probably gonna have to do something boring like a slide show or something dumb so yeah that kinda sucked but what can you do. My goals for this is to at least get an 85 on it and hopefully its pretty good

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