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Personally, not gonna lie. I didn’t read half the novel because I used sparknotes and shmoop. The actual times I read, I didn’t like the book all that much. It’s adventurous and very country like. Especially with the family feud they had. I think it was more confusing that anything. Honestly, it was better than I did expect.

It did accomplish its job. The themes of southern romanticism and hypocrisy were very much accomplished. For example, the duke and king buy alcohol with their money, but they mention temperance.

It compares to other novels I’ve read because I read true stories. I am interested in books about problems like family issues, abuse, addicts, and etc. This book was not a true story so it bored me. If I were reading a book like Butterfly Garden, I would have definitely read every night chapters were assigned. Huck Finn was honestly just kind of boring. I guess if I was into the genre more, I would like it more, but this was totally different than other books I’ve read.

The end of the book Jim gets out of jail and Huck gets adopted. Pap also dies. I’m happy for Huck because he was adopted. I wish the book would’ve said when Pap actually died, instead of waiting until the end. The reason I would change it is because it was a waste of time to wait to find out in the end when they knew in the beginning.

The most important things to take away from this book are don’t be a hypocrite for one.

The novel still applies today because people are hypocritical of many things. For example, people will say spread kindness or some stupid cliché quote then will be rude and an awful person themselves.

The Huck Finn project were doing is Huck Against Humanity. We will make black and white cards. The black ones having the starting phrase or quote..whatever we choose. The white will be the finishers. They fill in the blank. We chose this project because

we wanted to do a game to keep the interest of people. The black cards will tie with the white cards. This game will be more of memory than actual Cards Against Humanity since that would be somewhat hard to do, but will have the C.A.H. idea. My expectations are to get the project done


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