Waka Flocka Myers 8

In chapter 30 there’s several things that are important. One is when Huck made up a story to the duke and king about his running away. He didn’t want them to think he was betraying them. The duke and king also turn on each other for a little bit also. Another key point is when the duke makes the king give up the money he stole. They both got drunk together and forgot about everything the Huck eventually told Jim everything that happened.


Chapter 31 has several things also happen. The duke and king were so broke they went to another con since it worked for them before as far as getting money, The king went to go find something and when he didn’t come back for awhilew, huck and the duke had to go looking for him and find him in a bar. It was an example of hypocrisy and also ties with the temperance virtue since he uses his money on alcohol.  Another quarrel happened and what do ya know, Huck runs away and when he gets ready to run away with Jim, he’s not there. He finds out he was sold for $40. He realizes the king was the one wh0o sold him so he has money for the bar. Huck wants to write to Miss. Watson but can’t upset her, as he also just wants to fix the problem. He realizes this is God talking to him so he prays to God so he can write a letter home to explain what happened and yet he wants to just let Jim go and be free. Huck hides his canoe and goes to Silas’s not knowing Jim is there.

Chapter 32, Aunt Sally thinks Huck is Tom Sawyer and he plays along. HE also remember about the Wilkes brothers. Everytime you pretend to be someone, the real one shows up too. Therefore he hurries away and hopes to find the real Tom sawyer.

Chapter 33, Huck finds Tom snd he thinks he is a ghost. Huck told hm about Jim. They went back to Aunt Sallys and Tom acts like a stranger but is welcomed in and when he kisses aunt sally it is rude.
We met Aunt Sally and Silas. Characters further developed were Huck and honestly I think the King and Duke. We know Phelp’s farm is where Jim was. I think it is used by twain in a way as a key element to the story. To me, I don’t see a specific way the setting was used. I’m not good at predictions and had no clue where the plot was headed

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