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Hear No Evil

Well you see, we are reading the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain. This book is like EVERY SINGLE OTHER BOOK WE read in this class. Confusion. Confusion. Confusion. Oh, and did I say confusion? This book I think is about a boy taken into the arms by a widow, then something happened with his dad I think ? Then he plans to run away and goes to to a river and finds a canoe then goes to an island near home

This summary might be completely off. Not gonna lie and you can probably see, I don’t really read it. I really really try, then half way through, I happen to just go to sparknotes or shmoop because I cannot get interested.

This book is a little worse than I expected. Everyone said this and Vertigo are the most exciting thing all year. Vertigo was honestly wayyy better than this. This is just confusing and annoying

I mostly dislike everything. One thing I do like, is It is a tad bit more interesting than most things we read in here… aka song of myself, the jumping frog, etc… Song of myself was just plain old boring and CONFUSING. I think it had to do with transcendentalism. For example, a blade of grass represented a human in society compared to a whole population like a whole yard of grass. Jumping frog was about two men making a bet and the one basically cheated his way to win. This is about people on an adventure and surviving on their own. Last year we watched and read of mice and men, and in a way, its the same concept. KIds survive without their parents mainly.


  BAck to Huck FInn, you can see that I’m cluless as to what this book is acxtually about. I tried to avoid this blog, but ya know now I have a 57 becausze of it when I just had a high 80… RIP there ya have it. All in all, I don’t fully unferstand this, but what I do know, I don’t like it


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Dex meets Dexter

The short story “The Celebrating Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was a weird story. It was basically about 2 people who make a bet about this frog being the best jumper. While the other guy went to get another frog to compare the best to, he left the best frog with the guy he was betting against. The guy with the bet against him put metal pellets inside the frog to weigh him down. When the guy came back with another frog, the “best jumping frog” actually couldn’t jump at all because he was weighed down. Therefore, the other man won the bet. This is an example of satire because it’s teaching you to not let people trick you I guess?? With the plot how it is, it makes the story pretty funny actually. The guy who started the bet got played in the end.

Independent reading in quarter 3 gave me mixed feelings. I really really liked the book, like probably my favorite book now, but I didn’t like the project we did. I would’ve rather done a powerpoint and presented it talking thoroughly. The book trailer tried to convince people to read it, which yes I want everyone to read it, but with the content in my book you had to be careful as far as what information and details you put in it. The book is a little R-rated I guess, therefore a lot of it wasn’t able to be put in a school project. At least with a powerpoint I would’ve been able to elaborate more about the book verbally and explain it.

Huck Finn’s first chapter was really confusing. We even went over it and took notes. I think they story will be interesting hopefully. I don’t know what to say becayse if you read my blogs, I never understand what we learn

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