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Well you see I am doing this blog a whole almost week late, but better late than never. With that being said I am not doing it on halfway through the film but the whole film. It took a while to do this blog because literally all up until the end I didn’t even understand what the movie was about lololol. I suck at interpreting movies and books and basically all literature.

From what I understand Gavin was married to Madeline I think. She was kinda crazy and since Scottie, his friend from college is a dectective, he wanted him to take a look at Madeline and see if she was being haunted or posessed. Madeline died. He only married her for her money because he said “I married into a ship making business” or whatever.

Fast forward a little bit, Scottie has a girl named Judy disguise herself as Madeline. Eventually in the end, she is at the top of a tower and hears someone coming and thinks it’s Madelines spirits and goes to escape and run. She ends up jumping from the tower and it’s just the nun.

Again, I still actually don’t understand this movie so you can’t ask me much. I think it’s super confusing. It’s weird as hell. I honestly just don’t like it. I don’t really like anything. The movie is over so there’s no predictions. My critique so far is nothing because I DON’T LIKE IT.. AS YOU CAN TELL I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO WRITE BECAUSE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT…. ALL OF THESE MOVIES AND BOOKS AND WHATEVER ELSE TRANSCENDENTALIST AND CRAZY PEOPLE THINGS WE READ AND WATCH DO NOT MAKE SENSE. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CRITIQUE BUT I DO NOT KNOW IT ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO ELABORATE ON IT IN DEPTH…

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