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My reaction to the work is nothing. I have no feeling. I truly still after reading it and doing the presentations, it is stupid. Not even because I don’t understand it but WHO IN THE WORLD would make minuscule things have like deep meaning?! No. The most interesting section other than mine is honestly probably 9. It’s the most interesting because it’s about America and the society and us being together as one, I guess you could say. I like it the most because its easiest to understand and relate to.

This poem I feel i could argue is not the most influential. It doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. Like all of the poems we read in this class say simple things with deep meaning. I feel it’s not influential to many in American Literature unless you actually understand it. There are other poems that have better and more clear meaning. Specific elements would be symbol, I guess. Symbol of all because the blade of grass is a symbol of society as a whole. Blade of grass : yard of grass :: individual : society. This is most reflected because society is us. We act and do different things and society itself affects us as individuals.

I have no questions for this besides why do they not simplify it to understandable terms? Another question I guess would be yeah there’s nothing. I would rate it a 0. If they would have simplified it so i could spend 2 days and not 2 weeks on the poem, it might get a 2 star. These  blogs anger me when they’re about just poems and stories because I don’t know what they mean, so I can’t really go deep into them therefore this blog is a little shy of the word count

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