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I do not really experience satire, besides sarcasm. I am really sarcastic and I guess like parodies are satire, but other than that I’m a boring person. I am not political so I can’t tell you anything about that. The humor I enjoy most. Well humor isn’t that funny like I can’t think of anything at the top of my head. Again only sarcasm. I only really speak in sarcasm because of stupid people. Stupid question, stupid answer. Can’t say much more than that. For example when people ask if it was hard for me to learn English when I came here, I say yeah I had to learn a whole different language. They usually ask that right after I say I came to America at 7 months old.


All I know is Mark Twain is a writer I think and I’m pretty sure he wrote Huckleberry Finn. I heard that reading this wasn’t fun. Also not to go off on a tangent, but mark twain reminds me of Shania Twain and Harry Houdini… don’t ask why because I can’t even tell you. Also this blog is literally only at about 2oo words and I can’t think of anything else to write. This class honestly kinda makes me mad, well the blogs because every blog they get longer and more vague. Soon its literally gonna be like define what “I walked the dog after school” means minimum 600 words and 4 pictures… that’s enough for today at 250… have a good day and I’m sorry but hope you enjoy this noninformational blog

Image result for cashew chicken saladalso this is what im about to eat…. oriental cashew chicken salad with tortilla strips, sharp cheddar (white not yellow), cashews, and chicken with frsh garden greens and asian seasame dressing…. 10/10 from the PBI… total with tax is 10.07 for a large portion

I dont have an album

Well you see I am doing this blog a whole almost week late, but better late than never. With that being said I am not doing it on halfway through the film but the whole film. It took a while to do this blog because literally all up until the end I didn’t even understand what the movie was about lololol. I suck at interpreting movies and books and basically all literature.

From what I understand Gavin was married to Madeline I think. She was kinda crazy and since Scottie, his friend from college is a dectective, he wanted him to take a look at Madeline and see if she was being haunted or posessed. Madeline died. He only married her for her money because he said “I married into a ship making business” or whatever.

Fast forward a little bit, Scottie has a girl named Judy disguise herself as Madeline. Eventually in the end, she is at the top of a tower and hears someone coming and thinks it’s Madelines spirits and goes to escape and run. She ends up jumping from the tower and it’s just the nun.

Again, I still actually don’t understand this movie so you can’t ask me much. I think it’s super confusing. It’s weird as hell. I honestly just don’t like it. I don’t really like anything. The movie is over so there’s no predictions. My critique so far is nothing because I DON’T LIKE IT.. AS YOU CAN TELL I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO WRITE BECAUSE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT…. ALL OF THESE MOVIES AND BOOKS AND WHATEVER ELSE TRANSCENDENTALIST AND CRAZY PEOPLE THINGS WE READ AND WATCH DO NOT MAKE SENSE. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CRITIQUE BUT I DO NOT KNOW IT ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO ELABORATE ON IT IN DEPTH…

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Lil Boat 2

My reaction to the work is nothing. I have no feeling. I truly still after reading it and doing the presentations, it is stupid. Not even because I don’t understand it but WHO IN THE WORLD would make minuscule things have like deep meaning?! No. The most interesting section other than mine is honestly probably 9. It’s the most interesting because it’s about America and the society and us being together as one, I guess you could say. I like it the most because its easiest to understand and relate to.

This poem I feel i could argue is not the most influential. It doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. Like all of the poems we read in this class say simple things with deep meaning. I feel it’s not influential to many in American Literature unless you actually understand it. There are other poems that have better and more clear meaning. Specific elements would be symbol, I guess. Symbol of all because the blade of grass is a symbol of society as a whole. Blade of grass : yard of grass :: individual : society. This is most reflected because society is us. We act and do different things and society itself affects us as individuals.

I have no questions for this besides why do they not simplify it to understandable terms? Another question I guess would be yeah there’s nothing. I would rate it a 0. If they would have simplified it so i could spend 2 days and not 2 weeks on the poem, it might get a 2 star. These  blogs anger me when they’re about just poems and stories because I don’t know what they mean, so I can’t really go deep into them therefore this blog is a little shy of the word count

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